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I'm getting pretty awful pictures with my TZ3.

Can you tell what I'm doing wrong here please?

Both pictures were taken in auto mode.

Both pictures look terrible. Look the corners of the middle man legs in the first photo, or zoom in faces.

Check the colours on photo two.
Should I change mode. Is my camera working wrong?

Photo 1:


Photo 2:

Thanks in advance
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At first guess the reflective hiviz jacket is enough to screw up any camera's sensor systems, especially with the flash. The exceptional reflectivity of the bands fooled the TTL sensor into thinking it had sufficient light and shut the flash down a few milliseconds too soon.

I find it a good thing to increase the flash output by 1/2 an EV (stop) and leave it set so whenever you open the flash you will always give the subject a little more light.

Make sure you are within the flash's effective range. And your fingers are not partly over the flash. With compact cameras that's easy to do.

Above all else, with a camera like this, EXPERIMENT !! You made a good choice. It has a wonderful lens and performance once you fully understandwhat it can do, how to do it -and its limitations
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It looks like a noise issue to me, but it's a little hard to tell without a full size crop of the image to look at.

What mode were you using? Letting the camera choose the ISO speed can lead to noisy images in low light conditions. High ISO = high noise. I try to keep the ISO at 200 or less. At 400 and up things get pretty noisy. Just forget about the High Sensitvity mode unless you're truly desperate.

The ISO for the images is recorded in the EXIF data. Set the ISO the camera uses by pushing and holding the "FUNC" button on the back of the camera for about 2 seconds, then using the arrow and "SET" buttons to select the ISO setting you want (you can't set ISO speeds in Simple Mode).
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