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I entirely quote Genece's opinion.

Despite FZ20 compresses jpgs at a rate of around 9,5 - 10,5 (out of 12) according to the Photoshop "Save as..." JPG compression factor, you won't be able to tell the difference between jpgs and Tiffs.
Both have that strange matrix-like noise (when you zoom from 200% on) but the waste of 12Mb (14Mb in tiffs VS 2 Mb in JPGS) is really silly thing.

The problem with the SD Cards is therefore unimportant (it would be if it occurred with RAW, which FZ20 sadly doesn't have).


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Default fz20 tiff fix

I just encountered the same problem with tiffs and a kind friend wrote me a Mac terminal script to fix it since I couldn't run Windows' Irfanview and do 'swap colors rgb to brg.' That still left the slices to move anyway.

I also emailed Lemke Graphic Converter and he put the fix in version 6.4.2. Open the program, go to file/convert and modify, navigate to the image in the left window, choose function/fix Lumix FZ20 2 gigabyte tifs in the dropdown and click go. I imagine if you select all the images and click go it will batch them.

Here's the terminal script. It needs to be put in a plain text document named 'fixtiff.sh'.

for FILE in "[email protected]"
echo "Fixing file $FILE"
dd if=$FILE of=1 bs=16384 count=1
dd if=$FILE of=2 bs=16384 skip=2
cat 1 2 > temp/$FILE
rm 1 2

Then follow these instructions:

1. Make a NEW folder called "PhotosFix" or something friendly on your Desktop. If you name it something different, be sure and use the new name in each step below.

2. Put the "fixtiff.sh" file into the "PhotosFix" folder above.

3. COPY (copy, not move!) all your photos into the "PhotosFix" folder as well

4. Open Terminal. After each command below, hit enter. I've added space to make it clear which part is the UNIX command.

5. Type cd ~/Desktop/PhotosFix (changes to your home folder)

6. Type mkdir ~/Desktop/PhotosFix/temp (makes a TEMP folder - where the fixed files will be)

7. Type chmod +x fixtiff.sh (makes the script "run-able")

8. Type ls *.TIF > list.txt (makes a list of all your TIF files in list.txt)

On my computer I needed to do an 8b. Type bash (had a different shell than the creator)

9. Type for tiffimage in $(<./list.txt); do ./fixtiff.sh $tiffimage; done (does the conversion!)

Step #9 is where the work begins. What it does is run the fixtiff.sh script on every file in the list.txt list that is made in Step 8. The script itself takes the first part of the file, skips the 16k of garbage, and then adds the rest of the file.

Some important notes:

1. There cannot be ANY spaces in the file names. None at all!

2. Files MUST have a .TIF extension on them. (the ones you sent both did)

3. All the "fixed" images will be in your /Desktop/PhotosFix/temp folder

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Default DMC FZ20 TIFF Problem

This can be resolved by removing 16KB of data (following the first 16KB) from the affected file.

It would seem that certain SD cards greater than 1GB will have the camera dump this data near the beginning of the file causing the RGB to BGR reversal of the colour plates and the horizontal offset.

The data can be removed manually using a Hex editor or you can try my one-click solution here - (But please backup your files first - this is provided as is!) http://members.multimania.co.uk/slar...20_FixTiff.exe

Just run the application in the same folder as your affected files. This solution first checks for any tiffs in the current folder, then checks they are the "correct" (16KB larger than normal) size, before checking that they were actually taken with an FZ20 before stripping out the rogue data!

I went to these lengths as I had concerns about trashing some other tiffs accidentally.

Just a simple app. If it does nothing it's doing nothing, if it finds files to fix you'll see the hex editor at work.


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