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boyzo wrote:
nzmacro wrote:
No Leitz is not manufactured in Germany. At one time they were manufactured and assembled in Canada, then in Taiwan, where now I'm not to sure. South Africa at one stage as well.

Leitz or Leica would NEVER allow permission to use that name and brand if it didn't come up to scratch. Panasonic also makes lens elements for Leitz.......so I believe :-)

All the best folks. The Panasonic optics and glass is very, very sharp, so never doubt it.

The Lumix OIS is actually a canon idea (the gyroscope)
and the lenses are made BY canon...
could this be true....
Hey, I Think - Well I Know - the Panasonic first angular rate sensor was developed in 1981. In production the first optical Image Stabilizer was used in 1988.The firstCanon IS was made in 1994 so theCanon/Nikon/Minolta copied the technology and buy license of the gyroscopes (13 years later after the Panasonic developed it)...

A few word from the Panasonic IOS:


and :


in the 3th page.

About Leica lens:

"Leica is a registered trademark of Leica Microsystems IR GmbH. The Leica DC lenses are manufactured using measurement instruments and quality assurance systems that have been certified by Leica Camera AG based on the company's quality standards."

The lens are produced at the Yamagata facility (one of the most modern production lines for aspherical glasses, which produces under the Leica quality standards).


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Yes that makes sense. I couldn't work out why Panasonic would out source having optics made when they have a huge plant. By the soundsof it, Leitz is not capable of the out put. They have the designs but not the capabilites. Enter Panasonic.

Interesting also that Panasonic developed the image stabiliser. Never knew that, just goes to show ya :-). Great links and interesting reading, thanks for that.

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nzmacro wrote:
And at Luminous landscapes it looks like Panasonic are producing the Leica digital cameras for Leitz. They are also saying that Panasonic made the CCD for the Canon 1D, interesting. At one time Minolta were making the Leica-CL


Anyway, as Bob said, it takes sharp shots no matter what comes from where I guess :-)

Nice site well worth a look
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