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Duuh! I fail to grasp the enthusiasm. I have read the previews and it seems that it is an SLD camera ( interchangeable lens digtal camera) without the need fora mirror and pentaprizm/pentamirror because of high definition, high refresh EVF for manual focussing needs. Why I say manual focussing needs is because as I understand, autofocus does not need mirror/pentamirror/pentaprizm assembly. Seeing thateven while using DSLRsmost of the timewe use autofocus, I fail to understand what is so great about all this microthirds bussiness. And except for the need to focus manually in some conditions, whycan't theyeliminate the mirror assembly even in existing DSLRs?

Granted that it has a bigger senser than ordinary digital camera, but it is still smaller than that of a DSLR. It cane use smaller lenses than a DSLR but also has smaller sensor, so what is the big deal?Also it doesn't have the freedom from changing lenses as in a compact. So if we are going to change lenses, why not use a genuine DSLR with bigger sensor?

I think somehwere I may have got some facts wrong, otherwise why is it that I am not atwitter like everybody else?:?So what is that I state wrong in the above mentioned? I have no problem being corrected by those who know better.
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I can only speak for myself. After carrying around DSLR systems and the extra lenses for a good many years, it is a nice option to have a camera the size of the Olympus E-420, which will may for a much smaller kit.

It is a developing technology and we will have to watch closely how the G-1 is accepted and put to use by other photographers. I find the stated price of 799 Euros to be excessive, but after a year on the market, I am hoping that the price falls to a more reasonable level.

Sarah Joyce
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wise wrote:
... whycan't theyeliminate the mirror assembly even in existing DSLRs?

...still smaller than that of a DSLR. Also it doesn't have the freedom from changing lenses as in a compact.
Hi Wise,
you're overlooking a few things here:

1. Panasonic/Oly do exactly what you ask for in your first question above: The G1 is a "DSLR" without "R" (i.e. mirror). Its sensor is a full sized FourThirds model, so it is NOT smaller than the common APS-C sized sensors from Canon et. al., just less wide due to 4:3 instead of 3:2 ratio.
2. It is groundbreaking, because...
- it allows for smaller dimensions with less weight (G1 is already smaller than E-420)
- the lenses can also be smaller and much lighter
- its EVF is better(!) than an optical viewfinder: larger and brighter, esp. in low light
- it makes no mirror-noise (think of weddings)
- it provides full live view incl. DOF and motion blur simulation (!)
- it's fast: AF is very fast and exposure happens instantly despite live view

I held it in my hands last weekend and played with it a little: Believe me, it is currently the most interesting advancement in digital photography.

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