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Default alexo

Alexo is obviously being rediculous with some of his questions and statements towards the Panasonic rep. If i were Bob, i'd ignore any questions etc that i'd already addressed a million times. Some people obviously are incapable of understanding what you are saying. And don't worry Bob, we won't think it bad that you ignore such questions. I'm amazed you find the time to answer all this stuff as it is! For that, we are very grateful! And thanks for answering the SD card question.

If anyone wants the FZ10 brochure and hasn't requested one yet let me know your email address and i'll send you the copy i received yesterday. It's a small pdf file.
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I received my .pdf file within hours after I emailed a request for it. K.
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Wow ... what a bun fight.
Almost as good as the information feeding frenzy going on at dpreview over the FZ10.

No offense intended Bob. There's just a lot half baked information being supplied (not by you). Perhaps you'd be better off setting up some kind of FAQ to save yourself the stress of repetition ? You sound like your under a lot of pressure.... more than you need to be. These forums will always be full of suspicion, rumors, mis-information, half truths, newbies and trouble makers. I think your fighting an army with a tooth pick.

Why don't you ask your superiors if you could simply maintain an FAQ (a really good one) on the panasonic web site ? It's got to be easier.

Concerned for your health mate
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All these issues have been resolved and it would be nice if we could simply delete this message thread.

As far as I'm concerned, "what problem?'

The FAQ list would be a great idea but I simply don't have enopugh time in my schedule. My participation is not in my job description, though I have very strong feelings for obtaining direct customer feedback.

The biggest frustration are the "conclusions" and conspiracy theories. I once explained to a customer that Panasonic has obviously made a name for itself in the consumer electronics industry. If some of the theories people suggested had actually taken place the legal implications would be incredible.

I'd agree that the interest the FZ10 created is fuelingthe burning desire to get this camera. At this time it would be safe to say that no dealer has an FZ10 as we have not shipped any. At this time I do believe that the November release date is still on schedule, though I can't speculate when in November.

As soon as I receive what will be the final firmware I will ask permission to post some photos.
Thanks for all the positive reinforcement
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