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Howdie all

My name is Mel and I'm a .... No, but seriously, I've relied on the reviews on this site many times, and now I need serious help...!!!

I've had my camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ'8') a year now - (it's great! ). I decided on a whim to purchase a "Tokina Conversion 3x Telephoto Lens (52mm)" advertised on ebay. However, after screwing on the adaptor and the lens, this is the result:

First pic shows viewfinder view, second pic shows camera set-up.

Have I bought a rogue lens? Do I need to change the settings on the camera? I thought it would just be a case of 'screw on>point n shoot' but alas and alack...it's currently a pointless screw-up...!! :evil: (But poss. just my lack of knowledge)...

Please advise :?

Many thanks!
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I'll move this thread down to our Panasonic Forum where some of our members that know about that Panasonic model's accessories may see it.

You probably won't be able to use an adapter with that much magnification with a model like yours without significant optical issues, and you may need to use some type of step up adapter with one that has a different filter size (i.e., larger than that 52mm) for better results.

Hopefully, some of our members more familiar with what works on your model can give you some tips.

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Looks normal, i assume you are at full wide on that shot?

Depending on the tcon concerned, you may need to zoom to a third/half or even over half way to avoid that "looking down a drainpipe" view.

After all it is a front mounting tcon and is designed ( as much as any x3 Tokina tcon can be said to be designed ) to be used at tele, not wide.

Hope you didn't pay too much.. x3 front mount tcons are always poor and the ones from Tokina along with Opteka can be said to be "bargin bin" at best.
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Ummm...I am a noob when it comes to tele etc. I thought the lens would enhance distance shots.

What would you suggest? :?:

I have received an email from the seller:

"I have just shipped a replacement WE ARE SENDING YOU AN EXTENDER TO EXTEND YOUR TUBE for:

eBay Auction US Item #110293793617
Tokina 3X Tele Lens for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7 DMC-FZ8
Price: $62.99
Quantity: 1
Inventory SKU: 2295-T18--&--TUBE-PANASONIC-3515
Date originally purchased: 9/30/2008 1:59:14 PM"

Hope they aren't gonna charge me...
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PS The photo taken drainpipe-stylee was on minimum zoom...as soon as I tried to zoom out 'beyoud' it, the camera gave me an error message about having the lens cap on?!??!
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That error message means your lens is hitting the back of the converter. You need some kind of tube, either one made by Panasonic, or a Pemaraal adapter, or a spacer tube. I don't know the minimum distance you need for the FZ8 for spacing but tomorrow will try and measure my old Pemaraal adapter and tell you. I assume it will be the same for your camera as my old FZ7.

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