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When I got my second DSLR body (Pentax K10 and K20), I decided I no longer had a need for a high-quality point and shoot and gave mywonderful Fuji S6000 to my son. In recent months, though, I've run into several situations where I really needed the smaller camera (places where DSLR's weren't allowed, places I didn't want to carry the heavy lenses, etc), as well as having a backup camera for some situations where my wife and I both are shooting (such as a wedding this weekend).

I was going to buy another Fuji till I got to looking at some of the shots taken with the FZ28 and comments made by shooters who I've known on the forums and respected (especially Sarah). The final point that pushed me over the edge was the prices discussed in a thread last week.

Bottom line is that I took delivery this afternoon on a new FZ28, and I can't wait to start playing with it as soon as the battery finishes charging. You've got me excited about this camera.

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Hi Paul,

Your situation mirrors mine - except I am still working with my Pentax K100. My son absconded with my Canon SD500 for school, and I am looking for another pocketable camera. From what I have seen Panasonic has everything I am looking for (essentially the LX3), however its not quite as small as the Canon ELPH series. Still trying to work through this, however I think that I will just break down and buy it - that is, if I can find one with a black body - it seems that this model is in short supply - especially in black.

My wife and I was over at the feed store and there was a turkey and a few ducks putting on a show and my wife said - get a picture. Well I left my backpack at the house with the camera and lenses. Looking at me she declared - you need your small camera back to carry around with you....

Have fun with your FZ28...
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Interested Observer-

There are indeed times when you need a smaller/less space grabbing camera. I am still using my Fuji S-6000 and my new Panasonic FZ-28 just for those chores when I do not want to carry/ or as Paul noted when you cannot carry the K-100 or the K-200. The FZ-28 is a very impressive camera for a camera selling for $239 at B&H it is certainly worth a good look.

Here is a noflash/existing light photo sample taken with the FZ-28 at ISO 320.

Sarah Joyce
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