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There's the truth i think; Although it seems that the mega-pixel race is over, and it's now going about who's got the longest optical zoomrange -olympus just announced a 26x optical zoom 'compact'! But all compacts suffer from the ugly pixels; even the lx3, although nice, doesn't quite compare to dslr's

I do believe the G1 is going to be the 'bridge' from compact to slr, and looks most like a heavily pimped (succesor to the?) FZ50. It's certainly going to be the succesor to my fz50 some day.
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I'm not too sure I'd hit the panic button just yet. You did turn the noise reduction down to its lowest setting. I'd re-evaluate the camera by taking some shots with the noise reduction set to where the designers thought it should be.
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If you're looking for a point and shoot camera that does well in low light, the Fuji F100fd and Panasonic LX3 are probably the best.
Here are some sample shots:

For long zoom point and shoots, I like the low light picture quality of the Sony H10 and H50:
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I'm thinking it has to do with the settings or a defective camera. I don't own a FZ28 but you can pull up just about any FZ28 thread with images and see better IQ than you have posted. I see a lot of really nice post inside and outside here and other forums with the FZ28. Don't give up so easy. I think it can geve you a lot better results than it has.

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Blues wrote:
...Here's a blow-up of our faces:

But then this is more than a 100% crop, is't it? If it is,you should not be surprised.

In my FZ28-pictures, portrait of kids with flash, indoors - almost same condition as yours, I cannot see any "blemishes" as you call it. I'd have to crop more than 200% before I can see any pixels...

Some other day, I'll try to upload some samples - if it's of any interest or any helpto you?

Regards from one who just loves his FZ28 to bits!

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