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hi all! just thought i'd pop in and say hi, see who all is still around from the old days. not sure how many of the "old crowd" are still here, but those who were here 2 or 3 years ago might remember me... i used to hang out on this board a lot, back when i shot my FZ20 all the time. i've since move on to Canon DSLRs, and have WAY too much money tied up in bodies and lenses, but i'm also able to do things my poor old FZ couldn't even dream of. i still have the old Panny, but nowadays it pretty much sits on a shelf, though i do still use it from time to time if i need to do some macro work.

anyway, hope everyone is doing well... it's strange, i don't recognize any of the model designations people are talking about now, other than in a generic sense. i guess i've really just lost track of all the models Panasonic has come out with. i do still post on Steve's landscape and wildlife boards, though i also frequent a number of other forums as well. if any of you old timers want to see what i've been up to, go to http://www.northwestnaturalimagery.com and have a look around...

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Old Mar 2, 2009, 8:14 AM   #2
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Hi Squirl

I still hang out here but I seldom use any of my FZs other than the FZ30.....

I just appreciate the difference in a DSLR and the Panny cameras ,especially the new ones.......

but if they keep cramming more mp into the DSLRs it will not be long until they have way too much processing applied to those photos also.... The FZs are way more convenient but the photos are turning me off, but I keep hoping for someone at Panasonic to wake up and build a great FZ again ......I will not hold my breath.
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Hi! I still look in from time to time. But have also been more with my new Nikon D300. I really like it. The battery lasts so much longer and the stabilization for me is much better than what I could do with the FZ 30. Though I have not posted much, as I am still recovering from Gustave. No major house damage. Minor damage to the barn. What really set me back was the tree damage. Quite a bit of work and tree removal. Place almost look naked now. None of tree work was covered by insurance or FEMA. Just got the last trees out, except for a few along the bayou's edge.

Glad to see you still around. What has happened to WackyRoger?

Will take a look at your photos on the web link.

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Roger's moved up in the world... has himself a Canon 1Ds Mk III, some real high end glass, and does a lot of posting on the wildlife forum. gets some fabulous shots, too... :G
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Old Mar 3, 2009, 10:11 PM   #5
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Hi Squirl, Genece, Jerry, I'm also from the "old crowd" and visit the forum once in while. Istill use my FZ30, it served me well in my travels and macro photography.I,m in the process of purchasing the Nikon D90. Any comments concerning the D90? Thanks.

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Old Mar 4, 2009, 6:13 PM   #6
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Helloooo Squirl! And the rest of you guys! It's so good to hear from you and Genece, bayourebel and Macnite! It's been such a long time since I've been able to take the time to check in as often as I did back in the day. I do miss everyone and am glad to know you are still around.

I still have my FZ30 and it's still my only camera although like so many of the rest of ya'll, I am getting itchy for a dslr also. I've been eyeing the Nikon D80 or D90. Truthfully I don't really have the money but I still dream. :-)

I too have not kept up with the latest models except maybe the little TZ5 (was looking for a compact model for my purse) which by now is "old" compaired to what's out now no doubt.

I'm so glad you all are still here and it's so good to catch up with you:lol:.

Oh, and your photo galleries are stunning!


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Old Mar 6, 2009, 7:49 PM   #7
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Howdy Squirl!

Nice to see you back-albeit only for a short visit;-)

(and cheers also for the other old-timers ;-)
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Old Mar 7, 2009, 5:48 AM   #8
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Hi squirl,

thanks for posting the link to your homepage, I have book-marked it and will visit it from time to time. Those canyon pictures are extremely good!!

I am playing with smaller point-and-shoot cameras for macros and digiscoping (xacti). The other jobs are done with good old primes on a larger dSLR. So there is no need for small panies with too many pixels any longer.

My homepage (svengude.de) preserves the memories, my new pictures deserve a better design.


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Old Mar 8, 2009, 6:50 AM   #9
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I haven't posted much at all anywhere but remember my start here with my LC40s which I still have. My FZ1v2 still gets the most use of my Pannys due to the infrared capabilities.

I mostly follow some forums tosee what is being shared and seeing some past members evolve in their other offerings since their Panny days.


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