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Hi All,

Am seriously considering purchasing a PANASONIC LUMIX DMC-FZ28 for an upcoming holiday.

I have had my D70 (6 megapixels) since it came out in 2004. It must have been about my sixth digicam, and the only one I have been totally happy with but have just started looking at super-zoom bridge cameras.

I want something a bit smaller, and the extra range provided by the zoom, but I am worried that the panasonic, even though its 10 mega-pixels may not provide the same image quality as the Nikon.

Any advice much appreciated.
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It will never be able to produce the same quality results apart from in good light, also you don't have the same level of creative control that you get with the larger APS-C sensor in the D70.

What are you getting with the FZ28 is flexibility and convenience as well as a smaller package. I would never replace any of my dSLRs with a megazoom but I do have a Canon SX1 in my kit as well as a Panasonic TZ5 so that I have options when I need smaller cameras for snaps but nothing beats using a dSLR with some good glass when you need quality.

What sort of things do you want to be able to shoot while on holiday? I'm happy to doa lot of my holiday shots on a digicam but not all so I still take a dSLR with me.
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First, more megapixels does not mean better image equality. In some cases the reverse is true!

I don't have the FZ28 but rather a slightly older model. It isn't slightly smaller than my Nikon D40 but much smaller, and lighter. Obviously there are some tradeoffs involved in image quality, but you can take excellent pictures with these Lumix superzooms. The question is: how lightly do you want to travel?
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It's silly to compare a point and shoot to a dslr. But I've got an fz28 and although the photos taken are clear and detailed I've never had a slower-to-focus camera. My old fz18 doesn't take as good of pictures but is so much faster to focus, I find I always fall back to it when photographing wildlife. I actually get more detail in macro also. The fz28 has a lot of serious updates but it my humble opinion it still needs serious work.

Remember megapixils don't declare the goodness of a camera. The detail you will get as well as all the other goodies would leave me to recommend you stay with this -good-old-Nikon.


Remember the smaller and lighter a camera is the easier for movement to show up in the final image if shooting handheld.
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