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Hi, Am considering replacing my old Canon Pro-90 witha TZ5, but have a few questions before I whip out the plastic. I want to keep the image stabilized zoom range of the Pro-90, butthings I wished wherebetter with the Pro-90, where

First, it's size and bulk, wish it was pocket sized.

Second, faster reaction time, bothfrom turning it on to being able to snap the first shot, and from snapping the first shot, to the camera being readyto snap a second or third shot.

Third, a larger, brighter, higher resolution, LCD screen for playback.

Fourth, better picture resolution.

Fifth,is better video mode, both in quality of video image, and no 30 second time limit after wich video automaticly shuts off.

Sixth,is for the auto-focus and zoom to work whilerecording a video clip.

Seventh, is macro, want to be able to focus at a closerdistance fromsmall objects.

Eighth, is focus lamp to enable autofocus in low light.

Prices have come down, and on paper, or computer specs as the case may be, the TZ5 seems to have most of what I want, but am still not sure I understand the intelegent auto mode or what it will do for me, and am not sure what shortcommings this camera has,what features am I going toend up missing or wishing where better than the TZ5? Any imput is welcome.
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The drawbacks I've heard mentioned on the TZ5 are the lack of manual mode, and poor mono audio in the video mode, including the dreaded Zzzzzzippp sound when zooming. If you're ok with these shortcomings, and like MOV format for your video files, you should find the TZ5 to be a good camera.

Kodak makes some comparable models as well, though my last Kodak suffered from poor (ok, NO) IS in video mode. You might want to explore their offerings as well.
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I called several internet discount sites, they all tried to sell me warrenies and accessories like batteries, charger, and memory cards at inflated prices thattotaled more than theprice of the camera, when Irefused to buy the accessories, andwanted the camera body only, theyeither told me they didn't have it in stockand would have toplace it on backorder for weeks (after having just told me moments before that they where in stock) or refused to sell the camera to me altogether. After telling one guy I didn't want the warrenty or accessories just the camera,he actually had the guallto tell me, "The order is canseled, we don't wantyour order. HA! HA! andthen hung-up on me! If they react this way to my not wanting to buy their overpriced warrenties or accessories, I imagine getting service or a refund should their be a problem, would be impossible! Anyone know of any reputable storesoffering agood deal on one?
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