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I agree with that, but

Even if I'm new to this forum and to digital photography in general, I'd have to say, we should keep talking about this:

First of all, Bob says it very clearly (read above): Panasonic is going to provide firmware updates for 2004 models. And, the FZ10 is a 2004 model.

But, despite all that people have been saying about the EVF darkening in manual mode, I think there isn't still an answer. As FZ10 users put it, it makes the camera very difficult to use in manual / macro mode. And it is sad, the FZ10 being a camera with those great lenses, and having full manual controls: it seems to be designed for people who wants MORE than a point-and-shoot camera. And the FZ10 seems to be otherwise a great camera for its price range. But, this EVF feature/issue/flaw/whatever prevents it from being used at its full potential. According to them also, this EVF darkening problem is something not unavoidable (not neccesary, actually), it is a simulation and therefore fixable through firmware. Should FZ10 users expect then a fix to this problem? Make your own conclussions from that. And, I might be wrong about this, but I think nowhere is stated that the new FZ20 model does not have the same problem. So...

I do think some people have been rude with Bob. It obviously bothers him, as I would say bothers everyone reading the forum. That is not acceptable. And, of course, we should not forget, as someone else already said, he's only the messenger. But it's sad when you read his posts and he seems to just avoid referring to the EVF issue. Otherwise, I think he's been generally appreciated (read above: give him a raise! Promote him!) and that somehow this unsolved problem with the EVF, and the fact that no one seems to care about it makes all of us show our worst side.

People are complaining about the lack of support and customer care from Panasonic, some of them are swearing not to buy a camera from them ever again. How do the other companies behave in those aspects? I don't know, after I decided for the FZ10 this has been the only forum I've checked. And I'm still thinking of an FZ model. However, it is true that if you offered firmware fixes, you have a documented flaw in a model, and you launch a new model while completely forgetting about the previous one and the customers who bough it, you cannot expect them to be happy. Even if you can afford it, why should you change your camera every few months?

Well, perhaps I'm only saying what everyone already knows, but stil... we don't have an answer.

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José A. wrote:
after I decided for the FZ10 this has been the only forum I've checked.
Jose - Many of the members here are also members at the Panasinic forum at http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/forum.asp?forum=1033 Check out some of the discussions there as well.

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