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Default Is FX500 image really that bad?

I keep reading reviews that say the image is noisy and blurry then other reviews that like the image quality a lot. This camera has all the features I want (wide angle, 5x zoom, full manual control, good image stabilization, compact), but I am worried about image quality.

Any other suggestions around $200? Are people just being too picky about the fx500 images?
Also looking at the FX150. Also has contradictory reviews on noise.

Well, i went ahead and ordered one for $200. At that price I got everything I wanted other than a 10x zoom. Hopefully, the image quality will be fine for me (beginner who wants to learn advanced exposure).

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How do you like the camera?
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All of these photos are made with a Panasonic Lumix FX500:

As you can see, I am very happy with my FX500.

Greetings. SirGlad

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I own a lot of Panny's and by far my favorite one is the FX500. When I compare images taken with a FZ28 VS ZS3 VS FX500, the FX500 always comes away as the winner. I find reviews sometimes misleading. My FX500 might be totally different then what is reviewed. The camera is the same. but the batch of glass may be different. The air trapped inside the lens may be different. The purity of ingrediants may be different. All contribute to the sharpness of the lens. According to the majority of reviews the FZ28 images tend to be a little soft and that holds true for my FZ28. Reviews on the ZS3 gave praise to the lens quality, and that holds true for my ZS3. Reviews on the FX500 were mixed. Some praised the quality of the lens others stated it suffered from edge softness. That is not the case with my FX500. It has better center and edge sharpness then the ZS3 and it should when you factor in the zoom...
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Many thanks, Sir Glad-

Those are very impressive photos. Thanks for posting them.

Sarah Joyce
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