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Default Recharging my ZS3's battery; can I do it before it's dead?

Hey guys,

Like most of the rest of us, I was unable to find a backup battery for my ZS3. I am headed out on a trip where I will be attending an NHL hockey game and will want to take a buttload of pics. I'm concerned about my battery dying part way through the game. Can someone tell me if I charge this battery again before I leave, even though it may only be 15 to 20% away from a full charge, will I be shortening the life or battery memory of the battery, or is this a battery which is resistant to that type of thing and I can just charge it and not worry?

Thanks for your help,
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The manual for my Pana FZ28 says the battery can be topped up. But, it recommends that it not be done frequently. I would think the same would apply to your battery.
If you have firmware version 1.1, you can use a non-Panasonic battery. And, if you have version 1.2, you can download and install 1.1 in place of 1.2.
From dpreview.com Panasonic forum

f you want the EXIF data also report ZS3, instead, download the ZS3 v1.1 firmware from http://www.adrive.com/...5743c7a3021afebc3bfee6a46c42aaac4761c33b0b48b28 .html (also linked to from "Madhabi Roy"'s post at http://forums.dpreview.com/...t.asp?forum=1033&thread=32602197&page=2 ). I've used this fimrware to downgrade my US ZS3 to 1.1. Works just great and the EXIF data also reads ZS3.
Cold diminishes battery life. So, keep you camera off and in a warm pocket when not in use.

Good luck,
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I found "real" batteries at B&H http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produc...d_Battery.html

I have not received them yet, but they are supposed to be the right ones. $40 a pop.
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Li-ion batteries don't have a "memory" effect like Ni-Cds. They do have a limited life, only 300-500 charge/discharge cycles. But you're not going to hurt anything by topping up a battery just once to go to a hockey game. Just follow the manual's recommendation and don't do it all the time.
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