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Default what size SD card do i need

Am about to order the zs3, what size SD card do i need - how much room will a 30 min video take at high quality and what speed card will it need?
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According to the manual, in AVCHD Lite mode, highest quality, you can fit 30 minutes on a 4 gig card (if you have nothing else on there). It looks like it works out to about 7-1/2 minutes per gig. Videos are about twice as large in MJPEG mode (but since I don't have a ZS3, I don't know if it shoots MJPEG). In practice, though, you might find that confining. Plus, SDHC cards tend to get slower as they get more full. Go with larger cards.

I carry three 8 gig cards in my FZ28 case. It doesn't shoot AVCHD, only MJPEG. I have had cards go bad, so I'd rather carry multiple smaller cards than fill up one big one.

Theoretically, the faster Class 4 cards should work at the required bit rate. But Panny recommends Class 6 and Class 6 cards are relatively inexpensive now that the Class 10 cards are out. I'd go with Class 6 per the manufacturer's recommendation.

When you are ordering cards, you might consider ordering an SDHC/USB card reader if your computer doesn't have an SCHC card slot. Dedicated card readers are faster than the cable. They are also rather inexpensive, and some cards even come with a reader for a minimal extra cost. A card reader is a good investment.

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