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Originally Posted by hrvoje xyz View Post
Well, call me paranoic , but from all that opening and closing the small door when reaching for the card, and then again when charging the batt (does somebody think its also practical to be forced to pull battery out every time you need to recharge it?wouldnt be easier if we could just charge it like we charge batt, in laptop, with a cable inserted?I saw there is a whole for electricity adapter..) I am a bit affraid the small door will broke with time ..

ofcourse I have card reader on laptop..thats not the issue.But ok , obviusly Ill have to either pull SD card out or not be able to safely-remove-digital-camera
I always have removed the SD card to download the photos that were shot on my FZ18 (now my FZ35), as well as my wife's camera, and all my other digital cameras with SD cards. The SD card/battery door on my FZ18 was opened and closed more than the bathroom stall doors on the New Jersey Turnpike's rest stops. I've never had a malfunction or broken SD card door in the two years that I used the FZ18. Never have used the camera's USB cable to download photos to my laptop/desktop.
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Ok, youve convinced me
However , you all are getting the bill if something goes south

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I too have never had a battery door failure and I have owned the Panasonic FZ-1, FZ,10, FZ,20,FZ-30, FZ-50, FZ-18, FZ-28, FZ-35, TZ-1, TZ-3, TZ-5, and TZ-7 cameras. I also am a professional Digital Camera Instructor and have never seen a battery door failure among my students, Panasonic cameras either.

I think you are pretty safe. Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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Some cameras work as battery chargers but they are mostly old models. The problem with that is, you can not use the camera while the battery is charging up, which to me is not good. I much rather remove the discharged battery, plug it into a charger and in the meantime be able to continue using the camera with a spare batt. As Sarah stated, unless the camera is mistreated, it should not break. I've had numerous cameras and never had a broken batt compartment door.

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