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Thanks - although I thought 400 was something to avoid on a P&S because of noise?

I'm still having trouble though - my indoor pics are underexposed (even looking at the histogram) and I don't really understand when you're using the flash how the camera does its metering and chooses the flash output. I'm also confused about the exposure compensation and flash output settings when using the flash.

As far as I can tell, exposure compensation has no effect on the exposure when you're using the flash? I set the camera for P mode, fixed the ISO at 400, and took 7 shots of my couch (black and white pattern), adding 1/3 to the exposure compensation in each one.

First I did this with no flash (I brought in an extra light), and as I expected, each picture the shutter speed slowed down (same aperture) and each successive picture was visibly brighter, also confirmed on the histogram.

When I did the same thing with flash, however, the shutter speeds also went down but the pictures all looked essentially identical, the histogram didn't move. So, I can only guess that the camera must have been increasing the flash output on each shot so the overall exposure was the same? Is there any way to see how much flash was used? I didn't see anything even in the EXIF.

Is this right?

So, there's the other setting where you can adjust the flash output, which is not really explained in the manual. Based on what I saw yesterday I was thinking this would bias the camera to use more or less flash, but the exposure would not be effected. However, doing the same test as above, when I increase the flash output the shutter/aperture stay the same but the pictures become progressively brighter.

Do I have that right? I guess it makes sense, but it's also kind of counter-intuitive - maybe I was just thinking about it wrong. If I'm using flash and my pictures are underexposed, then instead of using exposure compensation I need to up the flash output. That was causing me a lot of confusion in my earlier posts.

I still don't understand why 'P' seems to underexpose things, though. I've tried intelligent exposure, and also played with the different metering modes, no luck. Maybe I'm too close to the max range of the flash. I guess I still have some experimenting to do. Well, at least I should get a chance to actually shoot outside tomorrow where I'm guessing I will be much happier
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I still don't understand why 'P' seems to underexpose things, though. I've tried intelligent exposure
Does iA-mode also under-expose the picture as well or, just P-mode? Do you have sample images that you can post?
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