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I liked Greg's version too....
Actually I'm a more vivid colors person.....
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Hi Sarah,

Congratulations on some very effective PP. Would you mind giving us a quick run-down of the adjustments that you made?

From what I can see, as a typical IrfanView user:

1) Gamma seems to have been increased quite substantially, because the low-light areas show much-improved brightness and contrast. Unfortunately, this has come at the expense of more grainy (noisy?) leaf textures.
2) Possibly, general brightness was increased slightly. Not much, though.
3) The corners of the flowers seem to indicate that the image was sharpened quite a bit.
4) The yellow and possibly red channels seem to have been boosted - whether this was a separate adjustment, or simply part of a channel-selective gamma adjustment, I can't say.

So, how am I faring? Any other adjustments you made?

A good photo starts with a good lens.
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For the record, I used ACDSee Photo Manager 2009, rather than Irfanview.

Firstly, I began with adding fill light, then balanced the contrast to remain on the soft side, sharpened, straightened, and I was done.

Sarah Joyce
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There's nothing like the original. Great shot, Mike!

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Hmm. Interesting stuff. These flowers always annoy me, and I just happen to have gobs of them in the yard right now to play with. Thanks all.
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Thank you very much, Tullio!

Hi Steve - Well, we don't have very many of them and I think they're kind of pretty. At this point in time, though, the snowdrops are well on their way out. There are some really nice crocuses blooming and some of the semi-withered snowdrops are getting in the way of the good crocus shots. Luckily, there are also multiple patches of crocuses - some without snowdrops.
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