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I use Picasa and nothing could be simpler,.....or less expensive. It's free. When you play a video you just pause at where you think you want to take a still and click a button that says "take snapshot". You can move the slider back and forth until you get exactly what you want. Picasa stores these in a folder called Capture Videos but you can move them to any other folder, of course. If you have a Windows 7 computer, you can play AVCHD with no problem. I have Vista and just downloaded a program called CCC and it automatically took over my Picasa videos and plays AVCHD as well as the MJPEG files beautifully.

These video stills and the high speed bursts are sort of bonuses to me in the FZ35. I knew the features were there but had no idea the quality would be so good.
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Thanks for that. I am using Windows7 which uses it's media player to play the AVCHD files.

I also have Picasa3 to sort my photos (and for quick editing when I can't be bothered firing up PS Elements). I didn't know it can play the videos as well. Something else to look at.

I have some shots I took of a Kingfisher which turned out ok, but I also took a video where it flew off and then came back to the same spot with a fish. There may be some good stills in it...
Noob with an FZ35 - and loving it

Comments appreciated.
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