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When the FZ-35/38 is on a tripod, the IS has to be off. The reason is simple, the IS system is constantly sensing. If it finds none (as in the camera being on a tripod) It starts attempting to verify the non-movement. That slight thumping of the IS system while the camera is on a tripod for a long exposure is enough to add a blur to your photo.

Therefore whenever the FZ-35/38 is used on a tripod you turn the IS system to OFF.

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks Sarah, i will write that down.
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Just two cents on moon pics. You can take pretty amazing pics with just a handheld. This pic here was taken with an FZ-1.

What I did was to take multiple pics and then stack them and adjust in GIMP afterwards. For stacking you can use programs like nebulosity and other free stacking softwares. If you do a google search on stacking and moon you can learn an awful lot more than I can give here. Doing that actually helps increase signal to noise ratio and in fact can increase resolution.

Incidentally, I recently left imy FZ1 outside during a rainstorm and haven't been able to revive it yet, so I'm planning on an FZ35 now. Looking forward to 'long' night exposures of the stars like the pic below. By the way this is doable with less than a 20 second exposure. It depends on focal length.
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