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Default FZ35 Accessories?

I'm most likely going to be buying the Lumix FZ35 on amazon.com and have been looking at all the bundles there, I will be buying an additional battery and probably an 8 GB memory card.
My question is what other accessories should I buy to take the most advantage of the camera and also take care of it. UV filters? Screen protector films?
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I am interested in a response to this question as well. As I have read this forum daily, I still can't come up with a good package of accessories to buy. Even the basics

Camera Case
Memory Card
Extra Battery
Extra lens

Are all of these necessary?
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Ever since my FZ3 days, I have only had the camera case, an extra battery and a decent size memory card (only one for use in the camera, not extra). If you are only going to shoot still images, 4GB should be more than sufficient. I have managed without anything else all these years. At home, you will certainly require a card reader to copy images from the card to the computer and may be, a pen drive for copying edited images from the computer. These are the basics. Other accessories will depend on your needs and interests.
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When you buy your 8g card, do get a name brand and class 6 or higher one. Class refers to the speed of the card and will assure that your video capture works well. Newegg.com is a good source.

I also bought a circular polarizer. B&H photo is an excellent source for these. The polarizer is really helpful for outdoor landscape photography.

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My sister just ordered this from Amazon - $439
Attached Images
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Add the LC-55 and LT-55 if you can they are both impressive...I tired the aftermarket copies of these items you'll see on every street corner and they are no where near the quality and clarity Panny made Teleconverter and the Close Up Converter... always add a Charger that is AC/DC if I am on a road trip I can charge in the truck/rv...you'll require a decerntMonopod or Tripod also they makethem cheap or expensive...Hakura makes avery light one that is cheap and not great in windy conditions but it will get the job done...
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Abi621 and CHuynh,

the accessory "bundle" is really dependent on one's activities and shooting style. As a new FZ35 owner myself, I have been considering the same thing. I chose to purchase the camera (which came with a very small but functional case) and to purchase other things separately. Raghu pretty much hit the basics. You don't need anything more than some sort of case/cover for the camera and a memory card.

As far as a case is concerned I have a recent thread ("Carrying an FZ35") where some people have made some suggestions. I am currently determining what meets my needs in addition to the little case that came with the camera.

Other things I have purchased or plan to purchase (and why) -- Your needs and wishes may vary.

Memory cards: 2 8GB class 6 Transcend SD cards purchased from newegg.com. Maybe a bit of overkill, especially since I expect to shoot primarily stills, but I figured "film is cheap" and I wanted to make sure I could shoot movies and Raw if I feel like and without concern while away and without a computer to backup. I bought 2 so I have a backup. I can also use it in my other camera. I have a cheap card reader I picked up some time ago off Ebay for about $1.00.

Batteries: Here again I bought 2 generic spares. They were inexpensive (2 for $11.00 from overstock.com) and while I probably will ever only need one, having an extra at that price can't hurt. I'll rotate them. They should arrive today, so I'll see how they work.

Filters: I just ordered a clear protective filter and a circular polarizer, both multicoated. You will hear arguments for and against a protective or UV filter. I figure it's relatively inexpensive peace of mind. I have also always wanted to work a little with filters, so I figured I would start with a polarizer. The FZ35 doesn't require a circular polarizer (a linear is fine and generally less expensive), but it was easier to find a 46mm circular polarizer that I liked. I also ordered a small and very inexpensive filter cleaning kit (basically fluid and cloth).

LCD protector: Again, for peace of mind. I purchased a boxwave anti-glare protector based upon some recommendations. It was considerably overpriced for what it is in my opinion (and a bit of a pain to put on), but it does what it is supoosed to do.

Tripod: I haven't purchased one yet, but would like to get a small travel tripod in the first instance.

You certainly don't need all of these things to go out and shoot. I would suggest getting only what you think you need to get going and plan to use from the start and pick up other things as you find you want or need them. Alternatively, you can do something like Clint's sister did. I personally prefer to choose the particular items I want, but it does take more time.

Hope that gives you some ideas.


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I purchased 46mm UV filter (it's so easy to touch lens when doing macros), extra battery, and 2.7" LCD protector(no worries about wearing button down shirts anymore).
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I am very much like Raghu-

Get the FZ-35, a memory card, and a cheap case and start shooting. Then as your shooting style develops, add things, as necessary. Here is a list of possible add on items that are convenient but not required.

an additional battery

a Polarizer Filter to get those blue-blue skies

an upgraded case

a slave flash

a tripod

Sarah Joyce

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I purchased a UV filter (Protection for the lens only), GorillaPod SLR, A spare
Panasonic battery, 2 x 8GB cards (for stills) and 1x16GB card (for Video),
1.5m Panasonic HDMI cable, LCD Protector and the smallest possible Lowepro for when I travel.

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