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Default extra battery for Z10 ?

My ol' reliable Epson 850Z uses AA NiMH batteries and I am concerned about availability of the proprietary Panasonic battery on the Z10 both 'now' and down the road. Does anyone know the USEFUL life of them? Availability in camera retail stores? Cost? (sorry, I'm being a little 'lazy' in researching this, but first hand (or close to it) I think is better anyway.

TIA, Charlie
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You can get extra batteries for $25 (or less) on eBay, just search for FZ1 (or FZ10) battery
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Default EagleImports at eBay is reliable source of batteries

I recently bought 2 batteries and a car-charger for my FZ10 from EagleImports on eBay (looked for "Panasonic Lumix battery" and found FZ1 batteries, which are the same as the FZ10's), and the first battery has been fine. Have not tried the second one, keeping it "fresh" until it's needed. Other people at DPReview also said Eagle's been OK. Battery was about $20+$6 S&H; 2 batteries share the shipping.
There were a couple of other sources at eBay that also sounded OK, but there was one that ships original Panasonics from Hong Kong for a bit more money. Sounded good until I read that they mark it "gift" to try to evade Customs duties, and will not be responsible for any Duties you have to pay :evil:
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I've bought a total of three batteries off eBay for my FZ1 (same batteries as the FZ10). The one from Eagle Imports works and fits great -- "fit" is the key word there, as it's been my experience that not all 3rd party batteries will fit in the camera or the charger. I highly recommend Eagle Imports. They also have another eBay store under another name (can't remember it tho) that also lists these same batteries.

Another one that I bought from an eBay vendor called PJ's World and it turned out to be the wrong battery (a thinner version made for other Panasonic cameras). I had to pay send it back and then got the correct model, but for some reason it wouldn't lock into place on either the charger or the camera. Had to pay to send it back for a refund. They guy cooperated nicely on the exchange/return, but I still can't recommend the guy because of poor quality control on the battery size/compatibility.

Finally, I bought the genuine Panasonic battery from the guy in Hong Kong (eBay user ID Keko3281). It's a great deal for the genuine article, sealed in an OEM blisterpack for only $28+$6 shipping. Not bad for the real deal. However, the first one he sent would not charge more than 1/3 of the way. He did send me another one, but I had to send the original one back to him at my expense, and the guy is in Hong Kong (not cheap). I also had to lie and put "gift" on the custom form or else I had to pay some ridiculous duty, etc. -- none of which I felt comfortable with. The second battery does work fine, but no better than the Eagle Imports battery, so the extra money, time, and bother was just a waste. Again, this guy cooperated pretty well with the exchange, but I cannot recommend buying one from him because (1) he's out of country and (2) it's cheaper and easier to just get the Eagle Imports battery.

If you want a non-eBay alternative, www.batterybarn.com has a 3rd party battery for the FZ1/FZ10 for $38, which includes USPS Priority shipping.
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