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Default The Canon 220EX works fine

The Canon 220EX TTL works fine as well as the 420 if you set the shutter as high as it goes and the aperture as high as it goes. Then set your composition and focus in "P" mode, flick the dial to Manual and click. The viewfinder and LCD screen will go black but if you're quick you'll get your shot. And you won't need to worry too much about blur since you're at 1/2000th and 8 aperture. With the IS everything will come out nice.

By the way, this posting is an edit from a previous posting that I now consider to have been a bit less than accurate. My new site here provides more accurate info on this topic: http://www.brrd.ab.ca/nnorway/carrweb/index.htm
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If the subject looks good, the red eye is terrible because you can't adjust the flash for red eye. The flash is like an uncontrolled burst of energy that has no direction or command to follow, so it probably isn't doing much to control movement either...
You can either offset the flash far enough you don't get redeye, or have the flash near the lens axis and correct it with an editing program. I prefer the latter because it reduces the size of the flash shadow, but either way it has nothing to do with the camera.

I don't know what you are are talking about saying flash is uncontrolled or has no direction or that it isn't doing much to control movement.
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Default Seems suitable to me...

Here is a link to some images I took with the FZ10 in a pretty dark room. I only put comments on one or two images.


Let me know what you think...

I didn't have a lot of room to work with, so these images are mostly close up. I am eventually going to shoot at a night club, and when I do, it will give you a better indication of what the camera can do.

But for now, I can aim and shoot fine with the camera without the EVF or LCD views. I just use the LCD has a generic range finder by pointing it in a specific direction and shooting at what is beyond the LCD. The thirteen year old girl who "stole" my camera for a few shots had no problem doing the same.

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