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Very well done Rachy!! I really love your pic!
Other thing i usually do when i take pictures of my kids is to get them in sharp focus while the background is blurred.
To do it you have to set your camera to A mode, sellect a small f like f2.8 or f3.6, set focus to spot focus, zoom in about 5x (more or less) and walk back to take the shot. The more distance between you and the subject, the more effect you'll get.
An example...
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for all shots youve posted here , I would use "outdoor portrait" mode.
Or you can go with aperture control , but you can make a mistake sometimes there.
here are my samples



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HI Rachy.
I think you have the camera set for average quality instead of high quality, and that could be why your photobox is calling it low. Second item on main menu is quality: set it to high there.

Regarding settings, I think with this camera sharpness accentuates noise as it makes noise crisper as well as it does everything else. Try normal sharpness and contrast, and for indoor stuff try Noise Reduction set for both zero and plus one and see how they work. Although my previous FZ models worked with a negative noise reduction, this one does not do as well, and the built in noise reduction is good enough that I don't worry about it overly much.
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Default Thanks to all

Thankyou to everyone who took time to reply and help me with my problems,I have used all of the advice given and am happy to say I finally got a picture with a high enough quality to blow it up onto a cavas and it should be ready in time for my mother in laws bday.Thanks again.
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aren't you going to show us? I have a note pad and am writing all advice down so i am reading lots of osts,lol.
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