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Default got my hands on a zs6 (some questions!)

from reading the reviews and scouring the web, it seems the costco version of the zs7 is the zs6 (basically, no gps.)

reason i wanted to preview and like this:

i currently have a canon sd750. yes, for 3 yrs old, the picture quality of newer cameras have jumped significantly, even for a non-professional like me. main use of my camera - taking shots of my girls and wife. things i like about the sd750:

1. the biggest thing is the shooting speed. i cannot believe how this dinosaur shoots at 1.7 fps! it didn't hit me until i tried out the sx200, sx210, and the s90, which i really was impressed with. sadly, the fastest of the bunch is the s90, at 0.9 fps.

2. lcd screen: i need a 3-inch NON wide-screen. the sd750 has it, albeit at 230k dots. the s90 has a 3-inch at 460k dots. awesome. but #1 killed the s90.

3. image quality, of course. for better or for worse, i like the juicy canon look, even on the lcd. i use my camera as my portable diary. i guess if someone wanted a glimpse into my heart my sd card would provide the most compelling evidence. i checked out the zs3 a while back, and did not like it, aside from #4 (see below.) but having seen samples of the zs7 (indirectly, the zs6) esp with the warm and happy modes i'm sure i can live with it.

4. size - i don't want a brick, and it has to fit my pocket. i understand the power and speed of slrs, but i have no desire to lug around a brick. the zs3 was a touch too big. the s90 is about as big as i am willing to live with.

so.....with all that in mind: welcome the zs6.

i just got it this pm, and have not had a chance to fool around with it. i did do one thing, so i need some expert help here. i'll simplify, and say that the zs6 meets conditions 2, 3 and 4. but....

on PAPER (well, website and the net), it states the continuous shooting speed is 2.3 fps. what i have been doing is 'drag racing' the cameras i test. i was flabbergasted to see the difference of 0.9 fps (s90) and 1.7 fps (sd750). there's a pause before the s90 shows the pic on the lcd.

in my mind, i assume that the camera that takes the picture first shows it on the lcd first. please educate me...

so i conducted the speed test, setting both to auto. i expected 2.3 fps (zs6) to smoke the 1.7 fps (sd750). well, it didn't. i am bummed. how does that work???? i'm stumped.

so...if the the zs6 does not work...any suggestions?

THANKS for slugging through my post and hearing me out.
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