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MartinSykes Jun 16, 2010 12:11 PM

First pic with my new FZ38
Just got my FZ38 today - fitted with a Hoya UV filter and went out to test in the garden. This is the view from my kitchen door with some flowers in full sun and others in dark shade. I chose this shot and shot it in RAW+jpeg to test it out with my Psuedo-HDR program.

First the original JPEG straight from the camera - it's dark because i dropped the exposure to compensate for some blown highlights:

Next, the HDR version - converted to a 16-bit Tiff in SilkyPix first, then renamed the extension to .tiff and dropped it into AutoHDR and processed on default settings with the quality option selected (which is admittedly pretty slow on a 12MP file). Finally resized and sharpened slightly for the web:

I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this :).

wffwii Jun 16, 2010 2:34 PM

That looks phenomenal. What is AutoHDR? Is it a plugin for photoshop? A quick Google search didn't take me to anything definitive. Did you take bracketed pictures, or is that end result from a single image through the program?

MartinSykes Jun 16, 2010 2:50 PM

It's my own program - there's a thread here: and you can download it for free from

It takes a single image so no need to do bracketed shots and no need to worry about moving objects. It works on any old 8-bit jpeg or now with 16-bit Tiffs (from dcraw or SilkyPix - not sure about other sources). Best to try it on smaller 1MP images to see what it can do as the larger ones can take a long time to process. I'm still working on the last few things it struggles with but 99% of photos work just fine.

MartinSykes Jun 17, 2010 8:31 AM

Another one -

Straight from camera (again darker because i dropped the exposure to catch the clouds):

And after:

MartinSykes Jun 17, 2010 8:33 AM

And one more with a stronger, more typical HDR result:



wffwii Jun 17, 2010 11:21 AM

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I played with your program with a few photos last night... Pretty impressive. I don't have the raw pics on my work computer but can post them later if you want to see them. Incidentally, I had to work with the jpgs as when I converted to a tif and then processed, it crashed every time. I am running Windows 7.

MartinSykes Jun 17, 2010 11:38 AM

It depends how the tiffs are created - it should work if you use silkypix and save them as 16-bit, uncompressed tiffs. If you post a link to the raw files I can try them here.

wffwii Jun 17, 2010 11:42 AM

I will play with it some more when I have time. I saved it as a tif straight out of gimp, no compression. I didn't have a lot of time last night so everything I was doing was quick. I'm definitely going to get some mileage out of your program though as I'm still pretty much a novice with Gimp and have a lot to learn.

You probably have a hit on your hands with this program though...

fz35pana Jun 17, 2010 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by MartinSykes (Post 1108807)
It depends how the tiffs are created - it should work if you use silkypix and save them as 16-bit, uncompressed tiffs. If you post a link to the raw files I can try them here.


Thanks for a good HDR program. I tried on couple of my pictures.

Is there a cheatsheet to use ? I am not sure if I have to modify all the settings or just go with saturation.. IS there a ideal setting that produces good HDR?

MartinSykes Jun 17, 2010 1:07 PM

No real guide - 'good' HDR is very subjective. The default settings should give a natural looking HDR on just about anything. I generally wouldn't go above 'High' detail on portraits or pictures with smooth clear skies where the jpeg compression introduces bad artefacts but otherwise just whatever looks good to you.

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