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Default Program mode has option to set min shutter speed to 1/250

I read a lot of forums before I ordered the FZ35.
It's finally here today and when I checked program mode, it has option to set minimum shutter speed from 1 all the way to 1/250.
If I set this minimum to 1/125 or 1/250 how does that pertain to your answer?
Do you mean that even if I select 1/250 as minimum shutter speed, it still takes pics with 1/30 to 1/60 sec shutter speed?
Or is this updated with new firmware on this camera?
Thank you for clarifying.

Originally Posted by mtclimber View Post
Keep in mind that with the FZ-35/38, unless you are in the "S" or Shutter Priority Mode where you select the shutter speed, the FZ-35 will automatically use a shutter speed of from 1/30th to 1/60th of a second, when in the "P" or Programed Auto mode. That is not fast enough to stop any action. That is the reason that blurring occurs in your photos.

Therefore, to stop even slow action, the "S" or shutter preference mode has to be used and the shutter speed advanced to at least 1/100 th to 1/125 th of a second. But keep in mind that this is once again reducing the amount of light reaching the FZ-35's photo imager. Therefore, you are going to have to reduce the Flash Range considerably, or increase the light output by adding an accessory Slave Flash to get the proper exposure.

Also, this will most probably take some experimentation to achieve the correct exposure.

Sarah Joyce

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However if you are using a flash with enough power then even with a slow shutter speed you can freeze action as the flash pulse does the freezing rather than the shutter speed.

As long as you have the exposure set so that you are about 2 stops under correct exposure for the ambient light then with the flash you subjects (assuming they are close enough for the power of the flash) are frozen.

I put together a more detailed explanation in post 6 of this thread where the flash and shutter speed issues are shown with photos (very sorry then include me) to help out more. http://forums.steves-digicams.com/pa...or-photos.html

Now I will say that you might struggle if you want to shoot a long distance so be aware of the limitations of the range of your flash.
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