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Default ZR3 Question

I got a ZR3 a while ago for my wife. When she takes pics and there is any kind of motion then they dont come out. How can i get around this?

It happens inside or out.
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Hi netman-

Be sure the IS is turned on and reduce camera motion as much as possible. I am assuming that you are speaking of camera movement, not subject movement, which IS can do nothing to alleviate.

Sarah Joyce

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I'm assuming we're talking about motion in the subjects being photographed - which IS won't help. The solution depends on the circumstances involved. For example, if it's indoors proper use of flash will freeze that action. If it's outdoors or too far away for flash, things are a little more problematic. Then you need fast shutter speeds - which means you need to force the camera to use higher ISOs and use widest aperture available.
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Can you post examples?

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To stop motion your Shutter SPeed will have to be 1/600 or more depending upon how fast the motion is if it is very slow then 1/320 will almost stop it...BUT when you are indoors and you shoot with a fast Shutter speed the picture will be very dark as the camera doesn't have enough time with a fast Shutter Speed to gather enough light to make a correctly exposed photo....so what youand your wife are seeing is the results of a slow shutter speed as the camera is keeping the Shutter open long enough to make a correctly exposed photo and during this time it is open if the subject you are photoing moves it will create a blur in the photo...

Also remember that 1/320 Shutter Speed will help eliminate camera shake also as it is fast enough to eliminate or reduce camera shake/vibrations to a minimum...again the camera must have GOOD lighting to do this especially with P&S cameras...

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