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Default Settings questions, FZ35

I have read Sarah's wonderful guide to initial settings which has helped immensely in getting started. A couple of additional questions now that I've used the camera and read the manual:

I have it on iexposure for right now. What do the low, standard and high settings mean and which should I have it on in general? If I take it off iexposure, what are the recommended settings?

Sarah recommended leaving it on spot focus for sharpest focus, but on landscapes, wouldn't it be better to have the whole picture in focus?

The Panasonic manual recommends minimum shutter speed at 1/4. Is this best or does anyone recommend another setting?

I have iISO turned off and sensitivity set to 800. I think this is what Sarah recommended? Or should I have iISO on? I couldn't see quite where it said autoISO, I think that's different than iISO? I took some action shots yesterday of my dogs playing outside and they were blurry at 800. Better to raise it for moving subjects and deal with some noise?? And if so, what is the maximum setting I should keep it to for moving subjects outdoors?

I tried looking at the details information imbedded in the picture but couldn't see a place that said what the exposure settings were or to view the histogram for that picture. How do I access that?

In taking pictures with alot of snow, what is the best white balance setting? How about for overcast, rainy conditions? For sunny days? Or does auto really take care of all that? Had bad experience with my old Canon camera with terrible washed out pictures of Yosemite in winter when set to auto white balance. Want to get that right for our trip to Alaska next year.

I think I'm doing something wrong with the macro settings, can't get them to focus all the time. Same problem with the ZS3 so I'm sure it's me. Any well know posts in here on using the macro settings?

Okay, that's it for now. Thanks, as always for the great help and support.
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