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Originally Posted by shoturtle View Post

We are at 70 post now, and it is not worth continuing this any longer.
Is that a promise?
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Originally Posted by shoturtle View Post
If you have known that a tc on the 100-400 will only MF, then why did you not know that it would be the same with the 70-300. It is phase detect. All dslr have the same issue with tc pass F8. If you know that you had an issue, they why did you even waste peoples time with a completely OOF shot. Either you wanted to intentionally miss lead people, or you did not know your equipment. Which one is it?

You keep changing your story after each point when I follow along your premisses. Zoom vs IQ, IQ is king or fz iq is better then hs10. You just bounce form on thing to another and it is dizzying trying to keep up with you as you keep running in a circle.

I never said that the FZ was not a great camera, nor was the hs10. They both were very good performers when I tested them. I was thinking about a megazoom before I went with m4/3. And IQ wise the hs10 and fz35 are the top 2 megazooms on the market.

Truthfully you showed your true colors when you got personal, with insults and personal attacks. I am not being a arm chair quarterback. You are being a fanboy of the FZ over the top with what you posted.

We are at 70 post now, and it is not worth continuing this any longer.
No intention of misleading anyone especially a self proclaimed expert as yourself...lol...many people find my posts informing...IF YOU don't then don't read them ST...thats the thing about a forum it's free to post...

But you can always keep proclaiming your fame to cameras and equipment you have never personally used...lol...that shows your true colors dude...and thats where your integrity stops...

Being fanboy for the FZ35 is cool...it's a great camera...

Wonder how many of these Panasonic has sold compared to the cameras you own...that would be an interesting result...

I admitted my mistake so now admit yours...YOU'VE never shot these cameras and don't really know what they are capable of because you've never even shot them before...you haven't been there and done it so don't try to tell someone else that you know more than they do, because we all fall short and have plenty to learn...

Don't pass up a good opportunity to keep quiet ST...
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Default Fz35

An FZ35 user here... Love this cam! Won't trade it for a HS10 any day

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I am not a fanboy of the FZ-35 (the best camera in the whole world and maybe even some planets outside our solar system).

But I do regret that it may not last forever and I wont be able to get a comparable replacement for the price value this camera gives.
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