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Default TZ10 (ZS7) Questions...

After much thought I think I am going to be purchasing a Lumix TZ10 in the next few days. Thought before I do though I would come here and ask a few questions about concerns I have...

I have trawled through countless review websites and have been comparing the same image taken with the Panasonic TZ10 v Sony HX5V and the colours and image quality on the TZ10 seems to hit the Sony out of the ball park...

Low light or night photography
Does this camera still do a reasonable job of night photography? The main shots at night I would take would be of city landscapes or sunsets or scenerey at dusk. The HX5V has a Exmor CMOS sensor, is this better than what is in the Panasonic and would it justify me purchasing a Sony instead?

Video mode
I have listened to several videos and the audio from the Panasonic is way better, especially @ live concerts. The light streaking is a little issue though, can this be overcome by a filter or something to attach to the Panasonic lens when filming? Is the streaking also there during a sunny bright day outside?

Indoor flash
I understand with such a large zoom that indoor flash photography is comprimised. Are you still able to get decent indoor photos as long as there is enough light in the room (eg. house lights on or taking an outdoor photo at night under a street light?)

Leica lenses
Not really up to date with technology and lenses... are the Leica lenses a really good brand? The Sony has the 'G' lenses which a salesman told me today was a re-badged Zeiss lens. Is Leica a much more reliable and better lens than Zeiss/G series?

These are my only major concerns before purchasing the camera, I realise it is not a DSLR and the image quality and shooting at night will not be the same on a p&s pocket cam. I guess my main concern is whether these features mentioned above are enough of an annoyance where I should be looking at a different brand...

If anyone owns a TZ10 please give me your feedback, I am not exactly a photo enthusiast - just want to be able to take some good photos and capture memories of family, places, pets, scenery etc.

Thanks for reading, and look forward to some replies.

Regards, Shaun (sticks1977)
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Default similar question...

I too am looking at the Sony HX5V comparisons and pretty much have paired it down to the Lumix models.

My question is if most of us all of big screen displays at home, i.e. HDTV 50", the the HD Video of 1080 is not more important than it is (vs 720).

I am kind of a novice though, and just want some really good Automatic settings, but also Manual to learn by.

The low light capability is of utmost import. My past experience with most P&S is not good, taking pics with no flash indoors. Blurry etc...

What other models had you come down to in your choice. And , how about the new really fast Memory sticks, is that now the standard everyone is going with>...?

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Looking through as much research material as you obviously have, do you ever wonder why you see very few indoor shots?

Sarah Joyce
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TZ10/ZS7 Samples...there are plenty in this folder...Just search ZS7...
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