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Default fz35 - smiling frogs. where are they?

How on earth, do you manage to have those pin sharp, right exposused, smiling, well coiffured frogs and insects, without any post processing...? Today was a cloudy but bright day, after the rain the colours where so bright, but the results from my pany fz38 where less than adequate... I used everything, steady holding the camera, low and high iso, center focus, macro mode...
Could it be a camera problem? (I dought though).
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The first one is fine color wise, depth wise, it is just the focus is off. You said center focus? Or do you mean spot focus? That is what I use the most in macro mode. The most focused area is the leaf when I blew it up.
The second one I had a hard time trying to find the focus point. Believe the green flower and berries to the left are...And, the big leaf in the forefront is distracting.
I do not post photo edit, ok am lame at it so that is why, so I have to be darn good when I shoot...to get what I want. Or stand there all day and re-shoot, and don't have the patience to do that either.
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I too think the camera is not at fault, because some areas are in good focus in the second shot and the colours are quite striking. Don't lose heart. It's only a matter of practice. Besides holding the camera steady, there are other things to consider. Small but important things, like:

1. In the first place, what did you have in mind and did you frame that object well.

2. How do you view the object - through the lcd or through the evf. Sometimes, for a long-sighted person like me, the lcd is troublesome unless you wear glasses or hold the camera almost at arm's length, whereas the evf, with its optic adjustment, gives a sharp view.

3. Which mode of focus to use - spot focus for specific objects that are preferably near and center focus for wide angle scenery, etc.

With practice and over a period of time I am sure anyone can achieve good photographs and master the camera as well.

Thank god you live in an age where you don't have to spend on film!. Practice, practice, practice and for a beginning, choose subjects that are easy to shoot. Forgive me if this sounds like preaching, but that is the truth.

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