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Thank You LTZ, the Comparison helped me to decide which Camera to select.....(FZ40).
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Thanks LTZ40 for the comparison shootout, really helped a lot.

But to me the FZ100, the woodwork seem to come out all the same colour, whereas the FZ40 you can see the different wood type & colours beautifully. Just my 2c.
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Just joined the forum to ask you for some more help. Hope you donít mind.

Recently brought a FZ100 and have been so disappointed with the high ISO noise performance that I just want to put it in a cupboard and forget about it.

Being a digital virgin coming from a film SLR maybe my expectations were too high or my knowledge ability with digital is sadly lacking.

Your pics in this thread however give me some hope.

I was wondering if you could post as much detail as possible on how you took the pics. For example exactly what camera settings, mode ev noise reduction etc. I also note that your pics have more contrast than similar ones that I tried, what was the light source? Window to the rear, side or internal lighting etc.

If I can take some pics using as close to your set up as possible maybe I can get better noise performance or show that the camera is faulty.

Going on holiday for a week or so but have bookedmarked the thread for when I return.

Hope you donít mind. Thanks
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