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After playing around a lot, I think I figured out why I like ISO Intelligent to ON in Programmable Auto - I like basically intelligent auto with the freedom to pick and choose a few options like how much saturation/ contrast/ sharpness and max iso at 400 - I love images which are crisp without noise in them.

For example these were some images out of my old canon:

Also now I can say with near certainty I dont like Digital Zoom of any camera, it makes too much noise although it does have it perks sometimes.. for example see the church in the photo above..

Here's me testing the zoom of the camera, first no zoom, the arrow points to a WHITE van in front of the church barely visible to the naked eye

Now max optical zoom (or close) 501mm (I think 505 is max)

And finally max digital zoom combined with max optical zoom

A little too much blur at least when I really need to see something like the license plate, the option is there..

Another thing I've been noticing is that while lots of you have macro shots of very close objects for example a bee extracting nectar from a flower.. whenever I try that, I end up with a terrible picture. I'm guessing you take the picture from far away with just a reasonable amount of zoom and then crop it?

Also after trial and error, I found out I don't like shutter or aperture priority mode. The only way for me to make super long exposures is to use full manual and put in 60 seconds manually. I wonder how that compares to Night portraits mode or others. Can anyone comment on that?

And if I'm doing something wrong in settings or in my thinking, please let me know. Constructive criticism is most welcome!

Oh I almost forgot, I also tested out Mode 1 and Mode 2 of image stabilization and with both I tend to get a lot of blur, I still do with auto too but not as much. I guess I need to learn how to hold the camera.. will be researching that today.
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For the macros, you need to either set the camera in macro mode with the dial or use the focus button on the top to set it into AF Macro or Macro Zoom. Macro zoom gives you up to a 3x digital zoom and you can press the lens right up to the subject. This is with the 3x digital macro zoom and the seed head was touching the lens (or at least the protective filter I have on):

As for a few of your other questions:

Pre-Af - Q-AF (I don't understand that option)
Sets whether the camera gets focus all of the time (C-AF) or when you half-press the shutter (Q-AF)

AF/AE Lock - AF/AE (I don't understand this either)
Locks the focus and/or exposure so you can focus on a person for example then move the camera so they're not in the centre but still in focus when you take the picture

AF assist Lamp - Off (I don't understand this)
It's the orange light when you take a picture in the dark which helps you get focus but can be annoying and give away the fact that you're trying to take a sneaky picture
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I didn't quite get the settings I wanted so I had to post process and crop this but how is this?

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I didn't quite get the settings I wanted
Are you still using these settings or, something else?

Picture size 10.5
quality: Extra Fine Jpeg
Aspect Ratio: 3:2
Intelligent ISO: ON
ISO limit set: 800
White Balance: AWB
Face Recognition: OFF
AF Mode: Spot
Pre-Af - Q-AF (I don't understand that option)
AF/AE Lock - AF/AE (I don't understand this either)
Metering Mode - Default
I. Exposure - OFF (I think manual long exposure is nicer)
Digital Zoom - OFF (Digital zoom tends to blur the image, but if you have any suggestions of how to use it properly I'd appreciate it)
Min Shutter Speed - Not choosable due to intelligent ISO otherwise pictures would default to the setting I put here.
Color Effect: OFF
Picture adjustment: Contrast 0, Sharpness 1, Saturation 1, Noise Reduction -1
Stabilizer: Auto
AF assist Lamp - Off (I don't understand this)
Flash Synchro- 1st
Red Eye Removal - On
Conversion - Off
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Yes that's with the old settings but I am liking Contrast +2, sharpness 0, saturation +1, noise reduction -2 and AF area for better focusing after a lot of experimenting with shots. I still liked that picture despite the old settings.

Those above are going to be my permanent settings.. I am trying to figure out how much contrast I like in the picture.. +1 or +2.

P.S. Did you like how it came out which is why you asked? I'm a newbie trying to find a setting that I like that I can use for the majority of my shots.

Strangely enough I wanted to recreate shots and videos which left me mezmerized. Here's an example of what attracted me to the FZ-35 (well worth watching):




Zoom capability:


Aperture test:


Look at the night sky here:


Here are some night still images.

To be honest the FZ-35 is seriously doing something right if it has that many owners and reviews as it does. I just wanted to find the right settings for me

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Keep in mind that Contrast +2 will reduce the dynamic range and you will be getting more blown highlights in high contrast conditions.

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