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Default FZ100,..a Burst mode question

Those of you already using the FZ100 might be able to answer a question for me.

If you have the P mode set and it selects F4.4, ISO100, and 320th of a second (just for example), and then you select full rez burst, will the burst pictures be the same settings as the P mode was? In other words, does the photographer control the settings of the burst mode, or does the camera select whatever it thinks is right?

My FZ35 in high speed burst, 3mp, does a nice job but it selects a much higher ISO and will not pick up the +1 saturation that I have in my other selectable modes. The pictures need to be tweaked slightly to please me.

Are the pictures from the full rez burst as good as the stills from the FZ100?

Thanks, folks,.....Jack
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Jack a very good question...I thought I could answer, but I an't...it looks like going back through the burst shot of the Vulture that the burst mode bumped the ISO to the max it could to insure it could shoot fast enough...5 Shot Af..11 Shot is what I should have been using...
I limit the ISO max on all the FZ's to 400 for the most part...and the first shot was ISO320, the next four in the suite were all ISO400...so it islimited there I was in Aperture Priority...tomorrow I'll try it in P, A, S, and iA to see what differences are noted...

I noticed you asked about the burst shots...did you look at the Vulture Burst opposed to the Vulture stills? They look very comparable to my eyes...
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Cole,...I did look at the bursts vs stills and couldn't see a difference in quality.

Frankly, I have very few complaints about the high speed burst in the FZ35. It rattles them off at 10fps and the images are very good. The storage system is not very good, however. If you shoot a burst of 20 images, they all appear in review, one by one. I'm sure the 3mp high ISO images would suffer with enlarging, but that's not what I do.

I do like the idea of the burst button and video buttons on top of Big Fuzzy. It's several steps to get set up for bursts with the FZ35.

I note that the FZ100 will do 40fps bursts at 5mp for up to 50 shots. Wow! I can use that at the Little League games to get the ball coming off the bat!

I really appreciate your posts about the FZs. I hope you're having a good time 'cause you're doing a great service for several of us,......

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