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Default re:FZ35 vs FZ40 vs FZ100

I actually own neither cameras, but am interested in upgrading eventually from FZ7. Thus, from what Ive seen so far, I would like to think that my assessment of camera comparisons posted thus far is heavily unbiased.

What I feel that I see is that all the subject cameras are able to take good photos. However, each camera behaves or responds uniquely with regard to focus, saturation and metering depending on the scene lighting & situation. Putting two cameras side by side in default mode & snapping & comparing PIXes may not mean much of anything. What is expected to matter more is the opinion of a seasoned photographer's experience after extensively using & testing the camera. While it may be true that equivalent PIXes can be derived from each camera, one may be a bit easier to master than another & hence more suitable for P&S type people who dont care about tailoring settings.

I have never gotten complaints but instead compliments from my important event photos taken with FZ7 (eg, weddings, important family group shots, stage concert shots both indoors & outdoors, etc.). No one who looks at my PIXes will say, "oh that's an old camera, not as good as what could be done with an FZ35 or FZ40 which are generations ahead".

What matters is that Ive learned my camera well enough to understand its capabilities & how it responds (eg, customized settings for metering, need to focus on a vertcal edge, etc.) as well as watching the kind of light present as well as how the subject is being lit (lighted subject against dark background vs dark subject against bright background, etc.). For important event photos assessment of the angle, lighting and performing calibration shots are part of the methodology employed to help ensure desirable outcomes.

The fact is, if you just want to mindlessly P&S at things without consideration for the outcome then your PIXes will reflect it. Otherwise, for great PIXes you, the camera, the subject and the scene/situation join together in a meld that is well thought out. In a real sense, the final product contains an actual part of YOU and is your signature.

Example of what Im saying. This just posted on DPReview:


Forum Panasonic Talk
Subject Don't fall into the trap
Posted by Des Kinsma

Let's stop kidding ourselves.
Why not just believe in the camera/s we have and think how we can take better pictures with them.

By buying a supposedly improved camera does not improve your artistry in photography one iota.

Do you really really think that moving from an LX3 to a LX5 is going to make any significant difference to the quality of your photography?..........you are still governed by your expertise, not the cameras.

I have a ten year old Olympus C 2500 L as well as an LX3......ten years apart in technology...........but it still produces satisfying photographs even though the pixel count is minimal.

Get to learn your camera and it's capabilities and forget about the latest model.......you are falling directly into the manufacturers trap.......LOOK OUT!!!

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