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Default FZ38 With Raynox DCR 250 settings question

Hello everyone,

It's been rather long time before I posted something here. I'm very busy each and every day (studie and work), and in the weekend I try to make a few shots, and take a break from the week.

Today, I received my DCR-250. In another post of mine I mentioned that I'd order the LC55 and DCR250. I ordered them both in August, but the LC55 is so very hard to get, that I decided to cancel the LC55.

Now, I try to figure out how to get good shots with the DCR-250.

I have the DMW-LA3 adapter, and have the DCR-250 attached, but I could use some advice in how to take good macro shots. Should I put it on AF Macro, or on the Macro Zoom? How far can I be removed from the subject? Should I still use spot focus and spot metering mode?

Anyway, any tips and advice is very much welcomed :-), and hopefully it'll turn out to be a sunny day tomorrow, so I can post a few shots .


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Hi Honnes,

I have only experience with the LC55 - but it may help. I would certainly use spot focus and spot metering. There is no need to go to the Macro Mode. You will need to use the zoom to compensate a little bit for the length of the adaptor. Finally, it is a matter of some practice to get a feeling for how close you have to get to an object in order to get it in focus at different focal lengths.

Happy shooting with the Reynox

Some of my stuff on vimeo (all shot with an FZ-35):
The tree: www.vimeo.com/11345662
with LC55 macro lens: www.vimeo.com/13884313
Zeeland: www.vimeo.com/14488204
The old mill: www.vimeo.com/14577326
autoHDR: www.vimeo.com/15797552
soccer kids: www.vimeo.com/17208358
christmas lights: www.vimeo.com/17912783

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Thanks for your input and information! I will give it a try tomorrow .

The reason I was going to order both, is because there were so many questions about 'which one is better'. I still don't know which one is better, but I do know that both are brilliant macro lenses, that the LC55 is easier to use, that the Raynox DCR 250 is easier compatible with multiple camera's, and I think that's about it hehe ;-).

I was supposed to make a sort of real comparison, by checking out both taking photos from the same distance, same angle, same subject and so on. But like I said, I was already waiting for 2 Months and the status was still 'pending order at supplier', so I contacted them, and they said that it's very hard to get stuff from panasonic within a short time *sigh* , and I just could not wait any longer .

Anyway, thanks again! So, I'll leave it on AF Focus, just a little zoom, spot metering and focus, and just experiment a little with it . Do you use any specific mode? I'm used to use p-mode, and sometimes I use Ai-mode, so I can capture moving object better, as I don't know how to get it properly in p-mode.

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I used to use my FZ35 with Raynox with the following settings.

F / 8 (Large apertures are useful if the subject is too small or you want to focus on only a minimal part of the subject)

AF-Macro (Using Raynox you'll get focus between 10 and 11cm and will need a 5 to 6x zoom to eliminate vignetting. Using Macro zoom is only possible to obtain 3x zoom)

Flash in some cases and homemade diffuser

You can use zoom from 4x (you have to remove the vignetting with post-processing) and his own experience between 4x and 5x you find the biggest area of focus in the case of an insect.
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I think I got it to work ( a little ). I use both A and P-mode, put the F on 8, and zoom in some to remove vignetting, and am a bit away from the subject, but gosh, it's hard to keep focus, or even track of the subject sometimes!

If anyone got any more tips, advice and or suggestions, please drop them here!
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