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Default FZ-35: settings for outdoor, night portraits?

Hi everyone,

I got a FZ-35 to celebrate and document the birth of my baby girl 4 months ago, and have taken a lot of great pictures. So great, in fact, that my sister-in-in-law has asked me to take to family portrait pictures at her upcoming wedding.

The venue is outside, and the event is at night. It will be dark, but obviously there's some sort of lighting (not quite sure what, but I imagine flood lights).

Any idea of what settings I should use on my camera to get the best shots, knowing all the variables?

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I don't think you should use FZ35 for such a big event.
Get a entry level DSLR at least.
FZ35 is not good in low light.
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You can try a long exposure on a tripod if the subject can keep very very still. Shoot at 400iso. But we are talking about no movement for over 1 sec. Which does not seem possible for what you want to shoot. So an entry dslr or a m4/3 camera is the much better tool.
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Hire a professional - that way you are off he hook if something goes "wrong".

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I'm afraid I'm going to have to agree with others - a nighttime group portrait outdoors should be done with multiple off-camera flashes so there is sufficient light for the entire group. I'm assuming she's hired a professional to take the wedding photos, and any pro will allow the bride/groom to select shots they want taken - if she wants a shot of the family outside then let the pro handle it. It's great to be excited about your new camera. But group portrait work - especially for an important occasion is more than just having a nice camera and a few months experience.

So it has nothing to do with low light capabilities of the camera - such a shot should never be taken without external light sources (flashes or strobes).
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