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sdromel Nov 3, 2010 11:16 PM

re:Pixel Race Rant
Lately it has occurred to me that Im now seeing many of my photos being used for monthly news letters and even some making it into the local newspaper.
Further, I dont scan newspaper articles I want to send to people - I just macro them. Eighty percent of photos I shoot are at 1mp and the rest are at 2mp. Even the big panos I did recently were limited to 3mp each (with each pano being made up of three PIXes). One time I shot a critical family portrait and used the FZ7's max 6mp (which the families had printed), but did not notice any particular advantage than if I would have used 3mp. In fact, use of the larger mp just slows the camera down. In addition, publishers or users of my pixes tell me that they prefer them because, besides content, the smaller file size is easier to work with in publishing than those typically from submitters.

Maybe the question is, what's the big driving need to have 14mp in say FZ40? Big deal. For the very few users that need or would use such resolution, there is a god awful price being paid with each pix. Slower camera response, larger file sizes, viewing & handling applications slowing due to file size/handling, hard drives filling up with trash, crappy low light performance from an over pixelated sensor, etc. all for what useful purpose? So big deal you can crop. If you need to crop that much you gotta be doing bad composition to begin with. The best pixes in general have been observed to be close to when it was correct in the camera in the first place (ie, employ good composition).

TD Cole Nov 4, 2010 12:13 AM


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