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yes bracketing is good also look at nd grad filters. you can also use a grad layer mask in in photoshop. good luck
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Originally Posted by MartinSykes View Post
1/ Try some fill-flash if you're not too far from the subject (just force the flash on so it brightens the shadowed bits)
2/ Depending on the camera see if it can help (the intelligent exposure setting on the FZ38 will alutomatically brighten the dark bits for you and does an OK job)
3/ Try my AutoHDR which pretty much does what SirGlad suggests but automatically. You can drag/drop up to 1000 in at once and it will process them all in one go.
That's what I do. First, I make an effort to get there nice and early but if i fail, i expose for the brights and use autoHDR to bring out the shadow detail. Since the shot is a dead loss anyway, if autoHDR can't save it, well, i tried my best. (also, i minimize the amount of super-bright sky in the frame).

if there's mottled shadows, the shot is pretty well a write-off. i might take it if i can't get back there at a better time, but it's just for the memory.

not all your shots will be keepers.
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