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Default Can FZ10 take advantage of 32X speed on Lexar cards

I'm looking at buying a 512 card for an FZ10. Can the camera take advantage of 32X speed on Lexar cards, or should I go for a cheapter version without 32X speed?
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I believe someone from Panasonic answered that question. That there is no point in going faster, the camera won't use it.
I have the Sandisk 500meg SD card and it works well for me.
Others have written that they bought a 500 meg Panasonic SD card from Walmart for $99. Don't know it that is still available.

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Default Yes, the FZ10 can take advantage of faster SD cards

For single-frame shots, the cards are all alike: you can take about one picture a second until the card fills.

For 5-frame bursts, there is a noticeable difference: with a 10MB/sec card (Panasonic 256MB, SanDisk Ultra II 256MB), there is a 2.2 (roughly) second delay between the time the final frame of the burst is taken and the time you can resume taking pictures. With the 16MB card that came with the camera, this delay is about 6.5 seconds. I didn't measure a regular-speed SanDisk 256MB card, but someone else said the regular-speed cards' delay might be close to 12 seconds. That is consistent with the other measurements described below.

When transferring pictures from the SD card to the computer, if you are using a USB 1.1 interface, there will be little difference, since even the slowest card is almost as fast as that interface.

But, if you use a USB 2.0 interface (both card reader and computer port or adapter), there is a big difference: the high-speed cards run at about 6.6-7.0 MB/sec. The 16MB Panasonic ran at about 3.5 MB/sec, and a normal SanDisk 256MB SD card ran at about 1.4 MB/sec (I returned it before getting the FZ10, which is why I don't have in-camera measurements of it). That is a 5:1 time difference, and if you have stored 400 photos on a 512MB card, you definitely will notice that difference.

"32x" means 4.8MB/sec; "65x" means 10MB/sec; those are the ones I've been using. None of these cards actually runs as fast as the "instantaneous" rates they all quote: the best I could get from a 10MB/sec card was 7.5 MB/sec when reading a very large file from it (not a jpg, a test file).

BTW: right now (end of 2003), the "sweet spot" for SD card pricing seems to be the 256MB size. You can get the Panasonic for $75-80, while the 512MB card is over $200.

I didn't mention Lexar here because I haven't tried their SD cards; but Amazon has three different Lexar 512MB cards: $190, $218, $328
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Panasonic Bob previously replied that the Panasonic SD cards get "faster" as you go higher in capacity (512mb is fastest). However, he said that the Panasonic still cameras will not take advantage of anything faster, and that the only digicam type product that will benefit from the faster cards is the SD video cameras and related video products that Panasonic puts out.

I have done an non-scientific test of a couple of different namebrand cards, and found the Panasonic cards to be the fastest in the FZ1. I did find that a cheapo namebrand card ("Smart") is equally as fast as the Panasonic cards in the FZ1, and I was able to pick up a 256mb "Smart" namebrand SD card for only $59 at Ecost.com.
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Default Speed

I am not sure about what it can use , I just wanted to say That I have a 256 DaneElectric card that is nowhere near as fast as my 256 Panasonic card. The Next card I buy will be the fastest available.
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