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A micro fiber cloth.

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Originally Posted by NaveenR View Post
Got Some Finger Smudges on my FZ35 , what is the best way to clean it.
I would suggest a LensPen.

Some of my stuff on vimeo (all shot with an FZ-35):
The tree: www.vimeo.com/11345662
with LC55 macro lens: www.vimeo.com/13884313
Zeeland: www.vimeo.com/14488204
The old mill: www.vimeo.com/14577326
autoHDR: www.vimeo.com/15797552
soccer kids: www.vimeo.com/17208358
christmas lights: www.vimeo.com/17912783

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Originally Posted by n-ster View Post
I am completely knew to cameras so I need help I know there are threads about this, I've seen them. They helped but I'm still undecided.

Stay under 100$, ~50$ would be great

1st, what accessories do I need? (I already have a backup 4GB SDHC class 4 or 6 idk and a 4~5" mini flexible tripod)

#1 Case(s) - A clip to belt case would be AWESOME, something that fits the camera + a battery. Than another where I can also fit 1 or 2 filters + the hood backwards? idk how useful a hood is really... If you can leave a filter on the camera with damaging it, a bigger bag isn't necessary. I've heard about the L110 as a good bag, and that Ripoff holster looks cool too... I want to stay under 30$ for a case, preferably under 20$

#2 Memory Card - A 8GB or 16GB Class 10 should be good right?? 13~14$ for the 8GB or ~24$ for the 16GB IIRC

#3 Filters - Here I am confused... I'd like to have a filter on at all times except when there is reflexion or wtv I'll take it off np. Just to not need to clean my lens much and protect from the lens being touched (ie:fingerprints) Now a protective lens would do fine right? perhaps I should go for a Haze multicoated filter? I have no idea. And perhaps I should get a multicoated Circular polarizing filter? and a pouch or case or wtv for them too? Please guide me

#4 2 extra batteries - They are OEM etc but cheap and do the job apparently.

#5 LensPEN + cleaning kit (with hurricane blower and cloths) - I need this right? any in particular?

#6 LCD protector - To avoid scratches in the long run?

#7 Cheap tripod - could help me in some pics right?

#8 Mini-HDMI cable for the TV, cheap, why not?

Anything I am forgetting?

Also, i it a bad thing to start learning taking pictures at ISO 100 in Full Manual? I usually keep the aperture thing very open (low f numbers) and experiment with the shutter. If I want to take pictures of fast moving things I put a lower shutter speed. I find 1/15 shutter speed will compensate for a hell lot of hand movement and subject movement already though

Case, I use a "Lowepro Rezo TLZ 10" but space is a little limited, might
fit a filter and extra battery - I dont use the sunshade

Filters, I dont use them unless I dislike what I see, and honesty I dont
use the that often - I tend to like Hoya, cheap and good quality

Memory card, what ever floats your boat, I would stick with 8GB, and
class 6, or faster, but read reviews on the card, there are a lot of duds
out there

Extra batteries, yep,

Cleaning kit, yes, I use LensPEN, the blower, and microfiber cloth
- be careful with microfiber cloth or any cloth, it can drag dust across
your lens or LCD scratching it - that's were the blower comes in handy

LCD protector, yes, I use a Delkin Pop-up Shade

Tripod "NOT" cheap, if you ever decide to use a Teleconverter
that "cheap" tripod is going to give you problems, try to get a
metal one, all metal parts, its going to run around $100 and up

Mini-HDMI, I got a cheap one, found out it was the wrong version,
and did not work, never bothered replacing it

SLR Wrist Strap, might keep you from dropping your camera, but
avoid the "Opteka Pro Camera Grip Strap OPT-GS" it does not work
to well with the FZ35/38, I am using the "OP/TECH SLR Wrist Strap"
but the "OP/TECH Gotcha Wrist Strap" works also
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