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Default Color bias adjustments in the White Balance menu

I was given a tip yesterday about settings in the AWB menu to go to a +3 in blue and green- and it did bring a much more pleasing cast to my pic's. This got me thinking- pushing the green/blue settings a little more sounds good for typical outdoor shots... and I wonder- if shooting things like flowers where there are strong yellow and reds- if pushing the bias in their favor would be a good thing? Any kind of rule of thumb here?
In other words, trying to understand how to use these bias settings wisely.
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I'm sometimes biased in my opinions but don't really understand it in my camera.

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I'm usually too lazy to make this much adjustment and find that the built-in WB selections are usually good enough, although I sometimes find the "shade" setting a bit too yellow.

But I know that some people (like LTZ) use these adjustments very effectively, so I will wait to hear what he has to say...
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I have made those exact adjustment, and find they work well. Going further in either direction (green/blue) though does not, at least to my eyes, bring further improvement.

Sarah Joyce
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I would like to see some comparison shots with auto W/B & these settings, same subject, lighting & exposure.

I use auto, if any shot needs adjustment, I do it in PS.
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Panasonic's colors often leave a bit to be desired imho so I think the adjustment option is crucial to success with JPEGs. I prefer to shoot in RAW w the FZ cams though and then spend a few minutes in post adjusting the color.
Disclaimer: I take photos of life rather than live to take photos and my opinions of cameras are reflected accordingly.
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