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that is stage lighting, and it provided enough light not so the camera did not have to use higher iso. Not really a fair test of low light ability.

The macro are good, and very nice details.

Originally Posted by gjtoth View Post
Just to show you what can be done with the ZS7, these images were taken about 30ft from the subject. NO FLASH (it's church) and handheld.

These macros were in room lighting. NO FLASH, handheld.

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As Gary has stated many times "low light" is subjective...and he is sompletely correct...most average folks that use P&S cameras are very happy to get just stage shots as that is what they do on vacation or in Vegas or at Concerts...so your determination of "low light" is assumption only...
Most people don't take photos is the dark or by street light at night to be honest and always take photos of lighted subjects...for me indoors with existing lighting and no flash is low light OR at a concert or stage show and using only the existing lighting without flash thats low light for me also...so you see it's very subjective...
"Different strokes for different folks"
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PP shot posted by gjtoth
Attached Images
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I was strongly considering the ZS7.
There's a guy on Youtube who does an A/B night time walkaround comparing the ZS7 with the HX5V, and the sound captured on his ZS7 was stunning. I was wearing headphones during the comparison (as well as with watching other vids comparing it to the Canon and Olympus models) and the way the clarity of the sound would fade behind me as people walked by with the ZS7 almost made me pull the trigger on it:

I ended up gong with the FZ35 for its better stereo mic which was borrowed from the G-series (well, plus it's manual modes and other features).
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