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Default Christmas FZ10! Comments and Questions

This is my first post. I have watched a couple of the forums for about the last six months, but with greater interest as the FZ10 was announced. I have appreciated all the great input from everyone on these forums. It is one forum that has been truly useful! (Not always the case on the Internet.)

I had not planned to get an FZ10 for another six months or so. I wanted to wait to see what kind of firmware updates there might be over that time, and I wanted to let the manufacturing process for the lens settle in. But I guess my enthusiasm about this camera did not go unnoticed by my wife, so she had my son order one for me for Christmas … currently on back-order. She doesn’t understand my enthusiasm about the camera, but she does understand me.

I have had several SLRs in the past (Yashica and Minolta) and bought an HP 618C over two years ago. The HP has provided acceptable photos, but I need more. I have really missed a telephoto lens … that is the big hook for me with the FZ10.

Why the FZ10 for me:
1. Ooohhh that zoom! Plus stabilization!
2. Manual focus.
3. Great price/value.
4. Size. Seems a little larger than the “standard” digital. I prefer a larger size, although I know it will be small compared to an SLR.

My biggest concerns about the FZ10:
1. Firmware release. I would rather have waited for a later version.
2. EVF in low light. Just a minor concern. Most of my photos are outdoors with the exception of holidays, birthdays and special occasions (so my wife sees value in the camera).
3. Early manufacturing. I would rather have waited for this to settle in a little longer.

My near-term additional needs:
1. Extra battery.
2. Filter (Skylight or polarized), basically for protection.
3. External flash. Sunpak 383 seems to get a lot of good comments.
4. NeatImage. It looks like this could be a big help. (Something I learned from this forum.)
5. Larger SD card.

My questions:
1. Does anyone have experience with firmware upgrades from Panasonic? Do they make them readily available? Any history on frequency? Do they make upgrades easy to download?
2. As far as sharpness, I have been using PS 7.0 and only recently bought a book to better understand how to use USM. The book recommends: Amount start at 200-400 and lower as needed, Radius start at 1.1 – 1.4, Threshold start at 0 – 4 and increase as needed. I have noticed that several in this and other forums have mentioned “one notch” of sharpening using PS. How do you define “one notch”?

Thanks to all. I look forward to sharing and to learning more.

JimB in Indiana
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