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Default Couple Red-tailed Hawks (FZ35)

Not great, but they where a long way off. Only got off one shot. I donít see them together very often.


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Very good shot!

I hope, that I will be able to take such shots from flying birds one day too.


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Really well captured, cool shot with the bird coming in for landing ........ or was it take off.
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Good effort, JJ. It is difficult to catch birds - they watch our movement and quickly move when we lift our hand to shoot.
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Nice work, JJ-

Birds are difficult and have excellent vision, and react quickly.

Sarah Joyce
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Default Red tailed hawk

A few weeks ago, I found a red-tailed hawk outside our window, under our bird/squirrel feeder. It has made a successful catch of one of our squirrels that we had been regularly feeding this Winter.

Here three images. None of them are very good, as they were shot through two panes of glass. I include only three -- I have about 20 images. Others are not very pretty on how the hawk dismantled the squirrel over a 20 minute time period. Sorry to be gross. However, these are images I never expected to get, and will never expect to get again. I was sure I would disturb the hawk and it would leave, had I chosen to get outside for better shots.

I am not going to tell you to "enjoy" like so many other images that are posted here. They are not to enjoy, rather to describe nature, the predatory system at work. I just wish the images were better quality.
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Very cool shot, JJ. It's really hard to capture a bird in flight.
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Good catch!
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