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Originally Posted by chirantha View Post
Even I am Planing to By my first DSLR.
My advice is don't buy a "cheap entry level" DSLR, cos after couple of months you will want to move to a better one.
I have searched for DSLRs for over three months and made my conclusion. I'm gonna buy a "Canon 7d". Canon 7d is one of the best semi pro cameras in the market. Even though it is bit more expensive, I rather wait and save money for it than buying a cheap one and worrying of selling it after two three months...

Once u buy a good camera body u can build ur lens collection depending ur requirements...

Check the following website, it will help u a lot to make a decision...
I have to say that I've bought the Canon T2I/550d and it is by far NOT a cheap entry level cam and has one of the top reviews in its class and would surely recommend this dslr and its low light is excellent and also has 1080p hd recording which is a bonus and if you are just getting into dslr's I can assure you that you wont buy another cam in 3 months !
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Hi All,

In most of the reviews the Pentax K-5 is the best camera, even compared to the Canon 7D


and the T2I/550d:



Also dpreview rated the Pentax K-5 very high:


For this, I will buy the Pentax K-5 together, when I find one, the Tamron DA 18-250


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The K-5 is a good general photography camera. But you may run into lens issues. As there is not that many lenses that will be suited for wildlife. So if you do not mind that, it is a fine camera. But the 18-250 HSM will most likely be to short for wildlife. You may want to consider the sigma 50-500. Especially if you are considering shooting birds.
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