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Default Not happy with Lumix ZS7 pics

I am looking for help with my new ZS7 . Since I am new to this camera (but not to point and shoots) I have been alternating between the Auto and P mode in an attempt to get an inside photo that is not blurry. Any action by the subject causes a blur in the picture (not the entire picture just the subject). I have not been using the flash as it seems to blow out the picture and there is enough light to take a photo without flash , but not without blurring. I also use the camera to take inside photos in concert/auditorium settings. After reading the many posts I took a suggestion to use 400 as the max ISO setting. I tried to upload a sample picture but was unsuccessful. What am I doing wrong? I am looking for any helpful suggestions to keep me from sending the camera back. Thanks.
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Try iAuto. I no longer have mine but, it's a great pocket camera. I *rarely* took it out of iAuto and got exceptional images.
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It's not uncommon to need ISO 1600 or higher sensitivity with a bright lens to get many keepers with some stage lighting. In most [better] stage lighting around here, I expect to need ISO 1600 and around f/2.5 just to get shutter speeds up to around 1/160 second with proper exposure (which is too slow to stop rapid movement).

I'll sometimes use ISO 3200 to ISO 4000 with a dSLR wearing a bright lens, and even then, I may need to time some shots for the least amount of movement for better results.

So, seeing blurry images without a flash at ISO 400 is not surprising, especially with a zoom lens on a compact camera.

Chances are, you'll need to increase your ISO speed (each time you double the ISO speed, the camera can use shutter speeds twice as fast for the same aperture and lighting), which will degrade image quality. It's a matter of balance (increased noise and/or loss of detail from noise reduction if you increase ISO speed, more motion blur if you don't).

If you prefer to keep noise levels lower, than you may need to time your shots for the least amount of subject movement to reduce blur (and you may need to time them regardless, even if you increase ISO speeds, depending on how good/bad the stage lighting is).

But, I would post a sample image so we can get a better idea of the conditions you're shooting in and make some better suggestions, as there may be other things going wrong, too (for example, some cameras will tend to overexpose using their default metering with stage lighting because they see a lot of dark areas on the stage, and that can cause slower shutter speeds).

See my reply to your post here on making sure to downsize an image before trying to attach it:

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