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Default First Try - Manual Mode

Tried to capture the "moving water" effect at the waterfalls in my village, and came up with these shots. Have never tried long exposures or manual before and have to say I really enjoyed it. All shots taken at f8 with varying shutter speed/exposure time. Varrying the ISO seemed to help sometimes to get the right exposure. ISO used was between 80 - 200 max. Shot 5 was taken with a 5 sec exposure as I was shooting into a tunnel. Please let me have your honnest comments so that I can improve even more.
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really great shots.
#5 seems a little bit overexposed for me.
I like especially #3 and #4.


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Dyane, first of all I think all of these shots have very good composition and are excellent for a first attempt. I think #3 is a very good shot. The hardest thing about taking shots like this is not to blow out the water into a complete mass of white with no detail. In 1 and 2 I think this happened with the water on the right. My guess would be that the water on the right was moving faster than the water on the left. Sometimes I have better luck on a day with some clouds compared to a day with full sun. You might have had better luck with a slightly faster shutter. I have played around with water shots and have yet to get it right, but it is fun trying.

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Good try Dyane. #4 is a great capture, It shows the movement. If the shutter speed was faster would the shadow detail be less/lost?

I can't be a critical judge, never even tried taking this type of picture, JJ has taken these before, and I can see the white blow-out he talks about in #1 & #2

#3 is showing just a little blow out, if like you said, you used F8, then only a faster shutter speed would reduce the amount of light seen by the camera.

Did you keep the camera in auto focus? My tries with manual focus failed.
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Diane, nice job! #3 has a dreamy look which I like. I also like the last one, perhaps you can crop out the very bottom where it's overexposed (just below the interesting swirl to the left). As jj says, I think these are very difficult to capture without blowing out the white, and that's why people use ND filters to cut down the incoming light. I still think you did a great job! I'd be happy with these.

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I think they're great
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G'day Dyane

A fab set of "1st-images"

may I offer some suggestions... - I have an FZ-35
One of the biggest problems I have is the f8 minimum aperture makes water pix very difficult
I have an ND-8 filter - takes 3 EV stops ... so the shutter speed extends to give nice long exposures and milky-white moving water
[ie- it's as tho the lens goes from f8 to f11 to f16 to f22]

My FZ35 takes 46mm filters screwed directly onto the lens barrel, or 55mm filters screwed onto the Panny lens adapter - so I guess that the FZ40/45 does the same

I use
>> "A" Aperture mode;
>> ISO-80 or 100 where possible too and
>> also do some AEB +/- 0.7EV bracketing where the subject is a bit awkward to judge

Hope this helps
Regards, Phil
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Dyane, thats a lovely set of shots!!

as some already said, some got a bit overexposed on the white water... but for 1st time, it's an excelent job

last one have a really nice color and efect on water and the overexposure works good IMO. Bringing the eyes from dark background to a bright white foreground....

I like it
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Dyane, they are very nice - keep playing around with longer exposures! Try some just after sunset, you can run it up to 60 seconds in M.

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Ive never used such long exposures so cant say much, just that keep on trying!!
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