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As I said, cold will often help chip performance but heat is a killer (that's why our PCs have heat sinks and fans). Chips for things like satellites and other rugged uses are special built and the devices they serve usually have designs to mitigate the impact of the temperature and control its range, e.g., many satellites have both heaters and coolant and other design characteristics. I would bet that chips in consumer goods like digital camerals, PCs, etc. are downright fragile in comparison. I killed a watch a while back when I took it off and set it down in the sun while working outside. And I've seen a room full of electronic equipment (radios, amplifiers, demodulators, etc.) shut down because the air conditioning was off and the room temperature was approaching 80.

The point is, chips don't like heat and a camera's operational temperature range is probably limited by the chips' and sensors' range more than the range of its other parts. And that range will be about the same whether it's a Panasonic, Minolta, Nikon, etc.

Compare the FZ10's operating range to other electronic devices...my Dell's operating range is 50-95 degrees F and my Canon DV camcorder's range is 32-104...sound familiar?
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Unless any product is specifically designed for "outdoor use" and certified "water proof" or "splash resistant", operating it outdoors an allowing it to get wet would void the warranty and could result in the unit being damaged.

We all tend to form bonds with our "toys" and I for one would not consider taking my FZ10 out in the rain.

Briefly revisiting the temperature spec issue I was browsing through some documents and saw a statement that summed it up very nicely:

"The temperature specification specifies the temperature range at which the product has been tested and the temperature range that the manufacturer can certify that the product will perform in while maintaining the published specifications."
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